Dyson DC65 Animal Now Available At Best Buy

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Dyson DC65 Animal Now Available At Best Buy

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The Dyson DC65 Animal is yet another great Dyson product to have emerged from the vacuum world of powerful suction, 180AW of suction (vs. 160AW in DC41). In addition to the unbelievable suction power this Dyson has, it also cleans better than any other vacuum across carpets and hard floors. Many competitors claim superior performance on carpet, but 75% of US homes have a combination of carpets and hard floors. This is a must have in our house. We have hardwood in one room, carpet in another, tile in the next, and so on.  It use to be a lot more difficult and take a lot more time to clean our floors.

Dyson DC65 Animal Now Available At Best Buy

The Dyson DC65 Animal comes with a TFT and Dusting Brush in addition to the gadgets it already has. Of course, if you know anything about Dyson you know they are known for their ball design. The ball allows the head of the vacuum to swivel and pivot. This helps make  it easier to get a long the edges of the walls , in and around corners.

I noticed the vacuum was surprisingly light. I really like the that there is no bag or filter. This remodeled the airflows to help remove more dirt, dust, and allergens from the home.

When I tried this vacuum for the first time, it was like driving a fancy sports car after only ever driving a beat up truck. They come in three colors based on variant: Platinum (MF), Purple (AN) and Fuchsia (ANC).  We received the purple. It is very sharp looking. I like the red accents, they pair well with the purple.

In addition to the powerful suction, it has small key features like the tools snapping into place and having a release button. I like this a lot, then I know the crevice tool or brushes won’t just fall out when in use.  Also, this model’s brush bar power has been increased by 25% for superior carpet cleaning. The new configuration of bristles dig deeper into carpets to remove more dirt. I noticed that after just 2 or 3 passes across our carpet we thought was clean.

Dyson DC65 Animal Now Available At Best BuyIn addition to the new features, the Dyson DC64 shares some of the same great features as the DC41:

  • Self-adjusting baseplate
  • Long-reach telescopic wand
  • 2x suction of any other vacuum
  • Closer edge pick-up
  • Built to survive 10 years
  • Hygienic bin emptying


Visit Best Buy online today and take a closer look at the Dyson DC65 Animal  .  Available for purchase at $599.

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