Sonaki Vitamin C Filter Shower Head Product Review

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Sonaki Vitamin C Filter Shower Head Product Review

Vitamin C Is Not Just For Colds!

Ever since we moved into our new home I have suffered from extremely dry skin and my hair has not been the same. We have a well with  a filter and the water is treated, however the treatment contains chlorine.  I have been spending more on professional hair care products and high quality lotions only to turn around and fight the fight over and over daily. No matter what I do, my skin feels tight and my color is being stripped away after every shower.

I decided to start researching online to find out if there was a product for the shower, such as there is a filter for your kitchen faucet.  To my surprise not only did I find a shower head with a filter, but a shower head with a filter that contains Vitamin C.  Yes! Vitamin C.  The Sonaki Vitamin C Shower Filters & Heads! Sonaki was the first to use Vitamin C to neutralize chlorine!

But, why Vitamin C?  Vitamin C is the most effective and efficient chlorine and chloramine filtration media on the market. Sonaki Vitamin C shower filters are lab tested and proven to neutralize 99.9% of the harmful chlorine and chloramine toxins from your shower water! Other filter medias can’t say anywhere near the same. Read more about the inefficiencies of KDF and Carbon chlorine shower filter systems here

Sonaki Vitamin C Filter Shower Head Product Review

The shower head I received is called the Sonaki Stream Chrome Handheld Shower FilterIt features 3 settings , shower, stop and massage. The massage setting is a hard steady stream and the shower is a nice rain. There is also a convenient stop setting that allows you to shut down the flow of  water without turning off the faucets.  This is great if you have pets that you bath in the tub! 

The Vitamin C filter removes over 99% of chlorine from the water.  Since using this shower head I have noticed that my hair color lasts longer and my skin is not as dry. I have been using the same filter for 22 days and it seems to be about 1/2 empty. The average length of use for one filter is about  1-3 months, but will vary of course depending on how many showers in your household. 

Included when ordering is the Sonaki Stream Chrome Handheld Shower Head and 2 Vitamin C Shower Water Filter Cartridges, a 5 ft shower hose, an optional wall mount, a standard shower head mount, and plenty of plumber’s tape to ensure a secure, water tight fit.    This shower head package is very reasonably priced at $99 and can be ordered here: Shop Sonaki.

The shower head literally took 10 minutes to set up and was so easy. It attaches to your already mounted “arm”.  To replace the filter simply unscrew, remove and insert the new one!  The filter is see through so you always know how much is left.

Sonaki Vitamin C Filter Shower Head Product Review

Sonaki offers over 10 different types of shower heads in various colors and styles including Handheld and Low flow.  Before purchasing, I suggest browsing their website and reading up on the dangers of chlorine and more about Sonaki – FAQS

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  1. Shayla Burks says

    That’s really cool! We had hard water before we switched to a well, and I’m sure the dry skin would have been helped with a filter like that on our shower head!

  2. Kristin Wheeler (Mama Luvs Books) says

    Looks great! We are renovating our bathroom soon so I am definitely bookmarking this post!

  3. Jennifer Williams says

    I have had issues with dry skin for years. Never thought about it being the water. I will check these out.

  4. says

    I have never heard of such a thing before! Very interesting! I have a friend w/well water and she would be very interested in this shower head! Going to pass along the info! Thanks!

  5. barbara says

    Can you tell me how heavy the handle is? Considering the filter is in the handle, I am concerned that it might be too heavy for me. Also, do you feel it does a good job? Thank you.

    • says

      Hi Barbara,

      The handle is not heavy at all, I wouldn’t say it is any heavier than any other this style. It is a clear plastic/acrylic type handle that you can see through and the filter cartridge is light. It absolutely helped. I just wish I wasn’t out of filters!

      Hope that helps 🙂

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