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10 Reasons to Spend Your Honeymoon in Italy

Among the 10 reasons to spend your honeymoon in Italy, the common thread is that it presents itself as an eclectic country, in which a multiplicity of elements converge that make it suggestive. Starting from the secular culture, which is reflected in any Italian city; the mixture between past and present is an intrinsic characteristic that can be seen walking through the streets and lingering in the squares, it becomes a visual pleasure that enriches the personal cultural baggage and it’s definitely a great place where to spend your honeymoon!


  • Italy is the country that holds the largest number of UNESCO sites


According to the UNESCO estimate, Italy represents about 5% of the World Heritage Site with 54 sites (list updated to 2018). In no other nation is it possible to visit such a concentration of sites, this is certainly the main reason that should push any visitor from all over the world, to retrace those that are the pieces of the mosaic of world culture.


  • In Italy it is possible to see the progression of architecture over the centuries


Those who arrive to spend their honeymoon in Italy cannot help but find themselves in front of the boundless number of architectures that permeate every single area of ​​the city. The architectures are not only those that belong to the past and that have always supported the pillars of Italian culture, but also rich in architectural blend with the most modern art What emerges is a suggestive journey, which aims to gradually discover the different architectures.


  • Italy is the country of high fashion


Obviously, to make the edge of the vastness of arts that permeate Italy, fashion could not be missing. The inspiration of the designers finds its maximum expression in the design of high fashion; extravagance, modernity that often links up with the fashion of the past in an eternal and continuous redesign.


  • Italy is the home of good food


Who decides to take a trip to Italy, certainly is not unaware of the delicacies to which it goes to meet. The variety of flavors is vast, typical local products, we cross a wide spectrum ranging from cheeses, meats, to wine and grappa. Italy is famous above all for its pizza, which has now become international, precisely because of its goodness and simplicity. A must try for your romantic dinner out!


  • In Italy it is possible to choose between the mountains and the sea


Yes, Italy is a peninsula and as such for the most part surrounded by the waters of the sea. Those who decide to visit it, can choose whether to spend their vacation time at Italy’s amazing beaches or in the mountains, or to combine both. The scenario changes radically depending on the choice of the destination, if you choose to go to the beach is to enjoy the sun, perhaps on the shore, while the waves pamper your legs and with a decidedly warmer climate; those who decide to go to the mountains, it is to escape the heat or simply to spend holidays in harmony with nature.


  • In Italy it is possible to reach several wonderful islands


Italy is an amazing starting point to reach wonderful islands such as Capri, Ischia, Sardinia, Sicily and more! A trip into the trip that gives you the chance to relax, explore and marvel at some seaside villages and some astonishing views while keeping things authentic!


  • Italy is also the home of music


In this triumph of colors, flavors and traditions, music could certainly not be lacking; those who are passionate or even those who are only a disinterested listener must visit the homes of the great Italian composers and musicians at least once in their lives;


  • In Italy it is possible to visit floating cities like Venice


Who has never been impressed by the charm and romance of Venice? When you decide to come to Italy, it is definitely one of the mandatory stops. The history of the lagoon city sinks its foundations in the past, when the 25-meter-long foundation piles were applied, thanks to which the various constructions were then built on the stable ground. A gondola ride at night is the most enchanting and magic thing you can do for a newlywed’s romantic date!


  • Italy is the home of engines


The great car manufacturers that have marked history find their headquarters in Italy. It is an exciting experience to visit the production plants of cars, but also of everything that has an engine like a beating heart; the combination of elegance and improved performance makes the search for models that can intrigue your hubby’s passion for engines and speed!


  • Italy houses the European Capital of Culture 2019!

Matera is one of those hidden gems you cannot miss! A little jewel carved into the mountains and declared European Capital of Culture 2019. Time seems to have stood still in the city of Matera, where the surrounding landscape is no different from that of a painting. What makes this city unique are the iconic famous Sassi, worked for thousands of years by the human hand and still standing on the edge of a ravine. Another big plus? At night with its lights and its relaxed atmosphere things get so romantic!

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