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15 Items You Should Include in Your Car Emergency Kit

15 Items You Should Include in Your Car Emergency Kit


With the right things in your car emergency kits, you will not only be prepared but safe too. While driving, you might encounter breakdown or roadworks, and in the worst, get lost in new neighborhoods.

How well you deal with such emergencies is wholly dependent on what you have in your car. Having the correct items makes a significant difference in the ability to cope, safety and comfort. Below is a checklist of 15 must-have items in your emergency kit;

  1. Flashlight

It is one of the most essential things you should have in your kits. You will need it when it’s time to change a tire in the dark, or even when signaling for help. Also, pack extra batteries or keep a spare charged flashlight, just in case the first one runs dim.

2.  Reflectors

Cars are prone to breaking down. Breaking down on a highway pose a high risk regarding collisions. The only way you can alert oncoming vehicles of your presence is through reflectors. You should place the reflectors at following distances from your car.

3. First Aid Kits

You may encounter a collision as you drive. Therefore, you should always have a first aid kit. It goes a long way to help in a minor collision, or a major one before the ambulance should be inclusive of painkillers, antiseptics, gauzes, trailhead and bandages.

4. Fire Extinguishers

Car fuel is highly inflammable. Hence, it is a good idea having a fire extinguisher. You may be thinking of the standard heavy fire extinguishers. No, there are smaller extinguishers which are portable.  Usually, after a car crash, fire is likely to follow. With an extinguisher, you can prevent the small fire from escalating.

5. Jumper cables and Ponchos

Usually, apart from the flashlight, a jumper cable is the second most used item. It is normal to be scatterbrained in the event of an accident. With a jumper cable, a dead battery will be no problem at all.

Breaking down is no better than having a flat tire. Usually, a standard poncho might not seem as a big life saver, but it makes life easy. It offers a solution without having to walk seeking help.

6. Car`s owner manual

While it may seem not much of a deal, always make sure you return the manual in the emergency kit, you never know when you are going to need it.

7. Tools for changing a tire

You should have the set of tools necessary to change a tire. Always have an inflated spare tire. Also, you must have a wheel lever and a jack to quickly change the tire when need be. Consider bringing along a sturdy board where you will place the jack, just in case you ever get a flat tire on an uneven surface.

8. Safety Vest

You might need help when your car breaks down, and you have no idea on what to do. A safety vest comes in handy besides ensuring you don’t get knocked over. Usually, they are lightweight and simple to store.

9. Water

Carrying water in your car can save your life especially when your car breaks down in a deserted area. Besides, you can use it to clean wounds or even filling your radiator.

10. Money

It doesn’t hurt to have a few bucks in your car. However, always place the money in a hidden spot to prevent attracting opportunistic thieves. It may help you get a cab.

11. Toolkit

Whether you are a car enthusiast or not, you should always have a complete toolkit in your car. The kit should have vice grips, extra fluids, work gloves, an electrical tape, screwdrivers and spark plugs. You never know which you are going to need.

12. Blanket

After a road accident, you are likely to experience drowsiness and fatigue. To make the symptoms go away, you might need to pull over in a safe environment and take a nap. You will definitely need a blanket.

13. Full waterproof car covers



What happens when your car breaks down and heavy rains starts to fall. I bet you can’t handle more damage on your car. Have a full waterproof car cover with you to handle such emergencies.

14. Toilet paper

The human body remains human even after a crash or breakdown. Thus, always have adequate toilet paper with you.

15. Winter items

If the weather is snowy, consider having washer fluid, ice scraper and snow chains. Ensure the items are together in an easy to access spot.


Final words

If you were wondering what you will include in your car emergency kit, I believe now you have several ideas. Having these items will save you big when you experience an emergency out there.

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