2017 Carpet One Floor & Home’s Welcome a Cure Pink Ribbon Mat Collection


2017 Carpet One Floor & Home’s Welcome a Cure Pink Ribbon Mat Collection


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About¬†2017 Carpet One Floor & Home’s Welcome a Cure Pink Ribbon Mat Collection

Each year, it is expected that over 250,000 women in the United States will be diagnosed with breast cancer, and nearly 40,000 of those women will die. Improvements and funds for breast cancer research are essential to preventing deaths, finding a cure and eradicating the disease for good. 

25% of the purchase price of each Pink Ribbon welcome mat sold through the Carpet One Floor & Home Welcome-A-Cure initiative is donated to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. So far, the campaign has raised nearly 1 million dollars for a variety of breast cancer research charities. Purchasing a welcome mat contributes directly to raising funds for breast cancer research and hopes for finding a cure.

What We Thought

Finding a person who has not been affected by breast cancer these days would be extremely hard. Either personally, a family member or a friend it is inevitable to avoid these days and that is so unfortunate. Studies show that 1 in 8 women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime. Those statistics are absolutely sobering.

For myself, I am the granddaughter of a multiple times survivor. As a teenager my paternal grandmother endured cancer again and had a double mastectomy. I remember sitting at the hospital on the day of the surgery with my dad and his brother. We were all definitely worried. In the following days there were drain tubes, a different wardrobe and many other things that got in the way of healing. The true healing though was knowing that the breasts were gone and the likelihood of the cancer returning was slim to none. We are at nearly 15 years and so far so good.

In the time since my grandmother’s cancer we have seen friends truly suffer through chemotherapy and radiation, surgeries and honestly it is something we have never gotten used to and I hate the C word more and more with each passing day.

This year we are remembering those who have lost their battle and those who have survived with the beautiful welcome mat pictured above. It is the first thing I see when we enter our home and the last thing I see before leaving. I also love that it represents that I am such an animal lover with the awesome paw print design.

Are you interested in one of these beautiful mats? Check out the collection at Carpet One Floor & Home locations where they retail for $24.99 each. There are many beautiful patterns to choose from, too! Something for everyone (including some great Christmas ones!!) There is a store locator on then website to find a location nearest to you!


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  1. Tim

    Fortunately nobody in my family has had breast cancer, which also is great new for my sisters and their kids. My wife also does not have a history in her family,

    1. Samantha

      You are so incredibly blessed to not have had this experience in your family and I hope that continues.

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