3 Clever & Affordable Tricks To Sell Your Car For More Money

Buying a second-hand car is typically seen as a clever move. It’s an affordable way to own a car and there’s not a massive benefit to buying a new one anyway. And yet, when it comes to selling the car, you almost never get a lot of money. Used cars are cheap to buy, meaning they’re cheap to sell. 


It leaves a lot of people wondering, is selling your second-hand car a sensible idea at all? Well, it can be, if you know some sneaky tricks to help boost the resale price. Three ideas will be presented below – all of which require minimal investment yet will help you sell your car for more money. 


Clean it inside and out

Start by cleaning your car from inside to out. Really get in there and vacuum up any dirt and debris from inside the vehicle. Clean everything – including the floor mats – until your car looks and smells new. 


Then, head outside and wash it with a hose and some soapy water. If you want to go the extra mile, consider waxing the car too. This offers another layer of protection that will keep the car looking shiny and new for longer. 

Get a new paint job

Does your car look really old and crusty, even after you’ve cleaned it? If so, the problem is with the paint. Typically, over time, the clear coat can become warped, leading to lots of lines and swirls in the paint. It makes the car look a lot worse than it might be, persuading people to avoid it. With clear coat correction services, you can transform the paint job and make your vehicle look brand new. Right away, it draws more interest from buyers, meaning you can sell the car for a higher price due to the new demand. 


Take detailed photos

At this point, you’re in a position where your car is clean and looks really shiny and new. Already, it’s a more attractive proposition for any buyers, so the price can be raised. To sweeten things, you should take detailed photos of your beautiful car


Honestly, the more photos you have, the better. People want to see every tiny detail when buying a car, particularly if it’s listed online. You should have HD photos of the car from all angles, including close-ups of the outside – letting everyone see its current condition. Then, there must be close-ups of every element inside the car, showing off how clean and new it looks. 


If you want to give your car a massive edge, take a video showing the car from outside to in. All the photos and videos help to promote your car and make it more desirable. Thus, the value can increase!


These three tricks are very cost-effective in that they’re cheap but raise the value of your vehicle. In essence, it’s all about creating more demand for your car. The more people you can get interested in buying your vehicle, the higher the price can be. If nobody is interested, it’s hard to sell your car for a lot of money as there’s no demand or competition among buyers. Try these tricks before you sell to see just how much money you can receive in return.

Samantha hails from Virginia and is a proud wife to a retired Deputy Sheriff and mother to two amazing little boys named Jack & William. A veteran product reviewer; Samantha has been reviewing products for 8 years and offers high quality product reviews with original photography.

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