3 Tips For Keeping Your Garage More Secure

3 Tips For Keeping Your Garage More Secure


When it comes to home security, most people prioritize the areas of their home that they actually live in. This means that parts of the property like the land and the garage are often kept less secure than they could be. But when there’s a vulnerability in any part of your home security, the whole rest of your property can be at risk, too. So to help ensure that you and your belongings are as safe as can be, here are three tips for keeping your garage more secure. 


Maintain Your Privacy


Some garage doors have panels that, rather than being solid, have been replaced with glass. And while this might give your garage and your home a more aesthetically pleasing look, it won’t do you any favors when it comes to keeping your home and property safe. 


Not only can a glass window be easily knocked out by someone looking to steal items out of your garage, but the glass can also make it easy for someone to look into your garage and see if you have anything worth stealing in the first place. So to keep yourself from becoming a hot target, try to maintain your privacy by keeping your garage door closed and putting a reflective film or a frosted pane on any glass that might be on your garage door. 


Keep Your Remote On You


It’s a very common practice for people to leave the remote for their garage door in their car. This makes it much easier for you to always have access to your garage when you’re taking your car in and out. However, this also can leave you open to security threats from anyone that might gain access to your car when it’s not in your garage. 


Because of this, it’s wise to move your garage door opener from your car to your key ring. This way, you’ll still always have your opener with you when you’re using your car, but you also will have more control over who has access to your opener since most people keep their keys on them or secured in a specific and safe location where they won’t get lost or stolen. 


Install Additional Locks When You’ll Be Out Of Town


During your normal routine, having your garage door down will likely be enough to keep people from trying to break into your garage and steal your stuff or gain access to your house. But when you’re going to be out of town for a few days or more, you may want to put on some additional locks for security. This can be done by using a physical lock to keep your garage door from being opened from the outside or without the key or code. 


While this might be a little inconvenient once you get home from your trip, the security and peace of mind you’ll experience while you’re away will be well worth it. 


If you’re questioning whether your garage really is as secure as it can be, consider implementing some of the tips mentioned above to make some improvement in this area.

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