3 Ways To Keep in Touch With Relatives Far Away

Over time, families tend to get stretched out over multiple states and cities. You may miss your relatives that have moved away from you, and many times, the relationships tend to fall by the wayside when you are not seeing each other often. It can be especially difficult during a time like the COVID-19 pandemic when travel is restricted. However, it is important for your emotional and mental health to nurture these relationships with your close family members. Consider these three practical tips for keeping in touch with relatives far away.

1. Call or Video Chat Often

We live in a world that is fueled by technology. There are so many outlets for keeping up with your loved ones, whether it be calling, texting or video chatting. Make it a priority to call your relatives often just to check up on them. You can set a reminder on your phone for a certain day of the week to call a certain person. It only takes a few minutes to brighten someone’s day by letting them know you are thinking of them.

2. Send Little Surprises in the Mail

Everyone loves to receive a gift, and sending small surprises in the mail can be a great way to make someone feel special. If your sibling likes a certain genre of music, send them a new album you think he or she would like. If your cousin is into vaping, send supplies from There is a small gift for almost every interest out there, and there is no limit to the creative possibilities you can think of.

3. Meet in the Middle

Traveling long distances is hardly ever convenient for anyone. If you are wanting to see a loved one, consider meeting him or her halfway between your homes. This cuts the driving distance in half for each of you, and it can be less stressful than having to prepare your home for a guest. You can spend a weekend together exploring restaurants and attractions that are new to both of you.

Family is an important part of many people’s lives, and it is important that you do what you can to prioritize spending time with them. Even though the distance may seem far, there are more ways than ever to connect with people no matter where they are. Take time to plan how you will reconnect with your family members whether near or far.

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