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4 Flooring Options for the Home or Office

Designing a room is a stimulating experience but people are often engaged in shopping for furniture and artwork when you really have to start at the bottom: the floor. Choosing a floor that will work with the room’s purpose and design is even more important than which chair will fit in by the window. Whether you need a cozy floor for kids to play on or something polished and modern, deciding what people will walk on needs to be a priority.

1. Concrete

For a stylish and sleek room or an absolute workhorse, concrete floors are versatile and long-lasting. They are eco-friendly and can be mixed or stained into a wide range of finishes. You can also have the concrete stenciled or stamped if you want a unique or contemporary flair. Concrete is susceptible to moisture so make sure to have a professional lay an epoxy guard seal over it. When taken care of, a concrete floor can take nearly anything you throw at it.

2. Wood

Nothing says warmth and charm like  beautiful hardwood flooring. With different wood colors or stains available and the option to invest in either solid wood or an engineered floor, there is a lovely wood floor attainable for most budgets. Wood flooring can be stained or damaged by pets though, which can rack up expensive repairs. Make sure these floors are kept clean and polished to allow it to retain its charm for many years.

3. Tile

If you like the look of wood floors but not the upkeep, tile is a great investment. Tile floors are available in so many textures and patterns that they suit nearly any taste. Finding a soothing wood grain or a funky arrangement is the first step in setting the tone for a new room. Tile is prone to cracking, however, so make sure to use mats or rugs in high-traffic areas to keep your tile looking new.

4. Carpet

A standard in flooring, many people have grown up with carpet in their homes. Since carpet is made of synthetic fibers and is usually inexpensive to install, it is a terrific opportunity to warm up a room. For well-traveled areas like an office, a durable, low-pile carpet is easy to maintain. But if you’re looking to kick your shoes off at the end of a long day without stepping onto chilly floors, a plush, luxurious carpet may be just right for you. Carpets are easily stained but there are liquid-resistant brands available so you may only need to vacuum regularly and shampoo occasionally to keep it clean and lasting for years.

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