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4 Male Grooming Tips to Help You Prevent Injuries

Admit it, how many times have you cut yourself with a razor? Probably at least a handful of times in your life, but we all learn from our mistakes, right? Whether you’re shaving for personal issues or to impress someone, the least impressive thing you could do is accidentally cut yourself for some silly reason. So to help you out, here are a couple of easy-to-follow tips that will make your manscaping task a lot easier.

Learn how to shave properly


Yes, this sounds stupid, but can you really fault it? If you don’t shave on a regular basis then the feel of your razor and the amount of pressure you apply will be completely forgotten, making it difficult for you to quickly finish your manscaping. These manscaping tips will impress the ladies and also give you a good idea on how to use your razor. Follow the guides, listen to the tips, and watch videos if you’re unsure how to shave properly. There are plenty of visual YouTube guides to follow, and guides like this one will ensure that you’re doing it safely. In short, learn how to shave properly if you want to prevent injuries and cuts.


Use the proper tools for the task


Stop trying to use a single tool as a swiss army knife. There’s no shame in taking slightly longer, so stop trying to use a single pair of scissors for everything. Make sure you use the proper tools for the job as well. Don’t get a pair of office scissors to cut your hair, and don’t use a body trimmer on your face. Keep them separate and invest a bit of extra money. You should also invest in quality razors and shaving cream or foam instead of just using a bar of soap. Proper shaving gel will help to lubricate the area better and also moisturises it to give you a smooth shave.


Take a hot shower before you shave


Shaving your body hair is a terrible idea if you’re doing it dry. Take a shower first and allow the hot water to soften your skin, loosen dirt and grime, and lubricate the area so that it’s ready to be shaven. This makes it less likely for you to cut your skin and it will be a smoother surface for you to work on. There are even some tools that work better during a shower or when wet, so don’t be afraid of using those tools during your wash.


Shave with caution
There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to shaving and one of the most common is shaving with or against the grain. In short, if your goal is to get a smooth shave then you need to shave with the grain, not against it. This help to prevent ingrown hairs and it’s also less likely to cause irritation after you shave. You should also be careful of the sensitive parts of your body. For instance, if you’re shaving your lower body, then take extra care to stretch the skin so it isn’t nicked and cut with your razor.

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