4 Reasons You Should Try a Custom Tour in Athens

4 Reasons You Should Try a Custom Tour in Athens

With its unique cultural potential and its continually evolving gastronomic, hotel and night landscape, Athens has become a popular year-round destination for a city break for Greek travellers from the province and foreign tourists. In contrast, Piraeus, the country’s principal port, has hidden secrets both in terms of attractions and entertainment. Attica’s enjoyable surroundings with emblematic monuments, national parks, and a vast coastline give even Athenians daily reasons for mini excursions and discoveries. You will definitely need a helping hand in a city with such a rich history and many historical and archaeological sites. 


Specifically, you will need a guide who will be able to guide you to all these beautiful monuments, providing you with a complete cultural experience that will surely be extraordinary. But we are not talking about a conventional city tour. We are talking about a personalized experience for you and your loved ones. Let’s find out the four reasons that you should try a custom tour in Athens for your next trip:


1 Customized for you

Forget what you knew about the usual tours of private companies. With a custom tour experience, you have complete control of your activities and actions in a specially tailored travel plan that serves your individual needs. A personalized tour program is built around each family or group’s needs, giving you complete control of your trip. This tremendous flexibility will take into account all the time you have available as well as your budget. Whatever your personal interests, a custom tour of beautiful Athens can satisfy you.


2 You set dates/times

When we talk about a tailor-made experience, we could not fail to mention the absolute control of your activities’ time. During your custom tour, you can arrange your private tour and specifically your tour guide, setting the dates of the various visits and the time you will devote to these specific activities. In this way, your time is properly divided into actions and things that really interest you, without being “forced” to participate in group activities, which are a waste of valuable time for you.


3 You choose who you hang out with

Meeting new people is always welcome and can often improve your journey. But unfortunately, this is not the rule. Usually, what happens is you find yourself with people who can burden your overall travel experience. However, when choosing a custom tour, you choose the people with whom you will share this experience. Your family and close friends will be there as you create new travel experiences and memories. Memories that will accompany you for a lifetime, and you will have the pleasure to share them with your own people.


4 Greater insight and access

The travel companies that organize these group tours provide you with quality services, but how personalized is the experience you finally receive? Of course, there is a difference when a tour guide has to manage twenty people of different nationalities, with a private group of four and five people. The experience automatically becomes more personal and more intense. A considerable advantage of the companies that offer custom tours is that they offer you specialized local guides with substantial knowledge of the areas – in this case, Athens – and its hundreds of archaeological sites. 


A great example of that is the company Greek Travel Tellers, which provides you with a personalized touring experience in Greece’s cultural and artistic capital, having a real team of specialists who have studied the country’s rich history. Instead of going to an ordinary travel agency, with a typical guide who has the necessary knowledge, you can always choose an experienced guide for the same or even less money. So, are you still thinking about it?


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