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4 Safety Measures You Should Know If You Have Kids

If you are a parent, there are certain things you can learn that will save your children’s lives. Many parents prepare for parenthood by learning certain safety measures that can save their child’s life, or anyone’s life, if there is an emergency. Here are those four safety measures every parent needs to or wants to learn for the safety of their children.




Cardiopulmonary resuscitation. CPR is important to know if you have a child. At any moment your child could get into a bad situation where they may need your help. The most common need for child CPR is when a child is around the swimming pool. Every year, small children fall into or jump into a swimming pool when they don’t know how to swim. If your child inhales too much water into their lungs, you need to perform CPR in order to help them. This also goes for adults as well who may face drowning or even a heart attack. Being CPR certified can save many lives. 


The Heimlich Maneuver


Children choke. They can get the smallest thing like a piece of candy or fruit stuck in their throats blocking their airway. Help may be too far away to get there on time. Knowing how to perform the Heimlich Maneuver can save your child’s life. The maneuver is different for children than it is for adults, and it is far more different for babies. Being able to perform this life saving maneuver on any person of any age will ensure that if someone chokes, especially your child, you are able to stand in and save someone’s life. 




First-aid goes hand in hand with CPR. Being able to help your child if they are hurt is important. The first-aid you supply for your child can also be enough to stabilize them until help arrives. Getting certified to know how to perform first-aid is easy. You can take an online first-aid certification course to know how to help those in need. You may be someone’s, even your child’s, best hope at staying healthy and well by knowing how to perform first-aid to keep their injuries from becoming life threatening. 


Water Safety Certification


Having some kind of lifeguard training is essential for a parent especially if you want to take your children to the beach, and especially if you have a swimming pool at home. Knowing what to do in the event that there is a near drowning will save your child’s life. There are specific ways to enter the water and help someone who is in deep water and cannot get to the surface to get air. There are life saving tactics you can learn that will help you get someone out of the water or through the water to safety without further harming them or putting yourself at risk as you are saving them. Taking this class will give you all the know-how to be an expert around water both in the pool and in the ocean. 


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