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4 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Smart Thermostat

Thermostats are simple tools that are easily overlooked. In fact, you’re tempted to rarely touch them except for dialing them up or down before the peak temperatures during the summer and winter. Smart thermostats help with managing indoor temperatures more efficiently throughout the year by automatically adjusting the temperature based on when you’re at home, but this use is only one of their applications. You can get much more out of this fixture in the following ways.

Manage Other Fixtures Around the House

Did you know that some smart thermostats can manage the not-so-smart fixtures in your home? Objects such as ceiling fans and window-unit air conditioners, even if they’re older and have no smart technology, can be controlled from your smart thermostat with a few simple steps. If you follow this short process and connect your smart thermostat to your in-window units and ceiling fans, the smart thermostat can automatically control these fixtures to further regulate your home’s temperatures and monitor your energy consumption.

Use the Thermostat as a Replacement for Your Smoke and Fire Alarms

The days of inserting and removing 9-volt batteries from your smoke and fire alarms aren’t over, but your smart thermostat can be used as another layer of protection to supplement these essential devices. More specifically, some thermostats have sensors that can detect an increase in carbon monoxide levels and automatically alert you via your smartphone.

With this functionality, you can safeguard your home even when you’re traveling. Some thermostats can be connected to a sprinkler system to deal with a fire.

Monitor Your Home’s Energy Consumption From Your Smartphone

You can also connect a smart thermostat to a smartphone and get real-time information from and to the thermostat. This accessibility has a few applications, including the following:

  • Checking your home’s temperature when you’re away.
  • Monitoring your home’s energy consumption.
  • Tracking energy improvements in real time.

Smart thermostats and apps that record energy efficiency can show you exactly how much energy you’re saving day to day. You can also look at data collected over months and years to watch for peak times or bad habits that could be driving up your energy consumption. You can use this information to make informed changes that can help you be more efficient with your heating and air conditioning.

Pair It With a Home Monitor

Not all smart thermostats have all these functions, and some will require some configuring on your part to get the most from the fixture. Another option is to work with an HVAC technician who can install the thermostat for optimal operation and let you know how to access and use the device’s various capabilities.

Another excellent way to get the most from your smart thermostat is to pair it with a home monitor. This device tracks heating and cooling use as well as data about where you’re losing energy or using it inefficiently around your property.

Smart thermostats are a convenience and can help you manage your home’s temperatures more efficiently. But this management process is only one of their uses. Use the tips above to get the most out of these impressive tools.

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