4 Ways Women Can Deal With Hair Loss

4 Ways Women Can Deal With Hair Loss


Through a lot of beauty traits women have, it is their hair that people notice first. That is why it is said to be the crowning glory, for it symbolizes femininity and personality. Being the “crown” that women can never take off, gorgeous hair gives confidence and aura that people could not take their eyes off.  It is also written in the Holy Bible, in the book of II Corinthians, that the hair is a woman’s covering.


But as having a gorgeous hair keeps the attention of the people, more so a losing or thinning hair also catches the eye, which brings much embarrassment to women. A significant percentage of women in the United States have experienced hair loss, or in medical term, Alopecia areata. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, there is about forty percent of women who experience hair loss at the age of 40. The condition may not be contagious but it affects a person emotionally and can lead to extreme anxiety.


So what should women do to deal with hair loss?


They may gain from losing hair with these four ways:


G – Get emotional help


Women losing hair are greatly affected psychologically and emotionally. The condition may not be fatal, but the condition may lead to depression. Thus, counseling and support groups are of big help to cope with hair loss. Psychologists may give advice and provide comfort to improve the appearance of a woman suffering from Alopecia. Several groups with other people with Alopecia may also help a woman to cope and let her feel that she is not alone.   


A – Awareness and Acceptance


To make it easy for women coping with Alopecia, one important factor is Acceptance and Awareness. With a lot of groups and organizations that advocates Alopecia awareness, women may feel empowered. With more awareness comes also the lesser misconceptions of the society, seeing a bald person due to Alopecia. As women tend to accept and being aware, she would be able to share the community that Alopecia is not a contagious disease.


I – Investment to Professional help and treatment


Several women would tend to desperately seek immediate treatment for hair loss not knowing its side effects and legitimacy. It is very important that a Professional Licensed Dermatologist prescribes the treatment and medication for this condition. Several fake products that are being sold on the internet, may cause more damage to the skin.  These “miracle” cures have claimed a fast gain of hair for a short time. One of these wonder products is Snakeoil products claiming good results in no time. However, these products are most often than not, unregistered by the local Food and Drug Administration. These products may be too good to be true, that will be not of a good investment. So to be assured of legit treatment, a good Professional Doctor is necessary which may be worth the expenses. They help women from counseling to have several tests to determine the causes of hair loss so as to give proper treatment to the condition. Also, visit for treatment, they have some amazing solutions to the dreaded hair loss problem.


N – Never lose hope


With the advancement of Science and Technology in this 21st Century, never lose hope to believe that there is a treatment for hair loss. One might not be effective, then try other options provided by the licensed Dermatologists. The only hair re-growth product treatment approved by the US FDA is the Minoxidil. This medicine is applied to the scalp. This can be combined with other treatment as advised by the Dermatologist.   


Prescription medicines such as Finasteride and Corticosteroid are US FDA drugs approved to treat hair loss. However, these drugs may take to effect to one patient but not to another. To date, research from Columbia University reported a potential treatment for Alopecia areata. A Professor of Dermatology from the Royal Hallamshire Hospital, Doctor Andrew Messenger have developed drugs which are Ruxolitinib and Tofacitinib, which may treat hair loss permanently. However, further research to a larger number of patients should be done to be able to prove that these drugs are effective. With further testing and research, these drugs could help women with hair loss, with a lesser risk of side effects. Several organizations have also studies and research to develop a permanent cure for hair loss.


Among all these ways, the most important thing a woman must have is positivity in life. People and groups may help but it is how well she would cope as she looks at herself from her inner strength. A woman must love herself more than she would seek extrinsically. As the song goes, “The greatest love of all is learning to love yourself.”


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