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5 DIY Home Hacks to Organize Your Life and Your Home

Organization isn’t everyone’s forte; we get it. In fact, the mere thought of having to get organized is often heart attack inducing for some! Relax. You can become a more organized person, without having to resort to living like a regimental soldier. There are some oh-so-easy ways that you can become organized, without even having to think about.


It’s time to look at life hacks. Here’s how you can become more organized in your life and your home.


Hack 1: Cooking, the easy way


Hands up if cooking is becoming less pleasurable and more of a chore? It’s so annoying when that happens. So many people feel that with work pressures that they don’t have time to cook. You’re wrong. Sorry. There are some easy ways that you can cook a great meal without having to do all the legwork. Think of this as kitchen hack 101. It’s time to invest in the right cookware. See, we told you it was easy. Cooking doesn’t have to be a chore, think about how you can prepare and organize your mealtime preparation. A slow cooker is a great way to cook while you’re at work or out for the day, with minimum fuss. Induction cooking is becoming increasingly popular for busy people too. Take a look at for the cool science of induction cooking. By saving time with cooking meals, you’ll have more time to do the stuff that you love. So, make sure that you compile a weekly meal plan and stick to it. That way, you don’t have to think about meal times again! It’s simple once you know how.


Hack 2: Hooks and space savers


Hooks are totally underutilized in the home! There are so many ways that you can add hooks to the walls without compromising the aesthetic of your home. Add old doorknobs to walls and hang towels, coats, dressing gowns, jewelry and hair accessories. You name it, a knob can hold it. Not only will you have everything to hand, but you’ll save space too.


Hack 3: Wall storage


Wall storage is imperative if you have a busy family home. Adding personalized boxes to the wall can be a good way of ensuring that shoes, coats, and hats are all off the floor and tidied away. Opt for a fresh vintage style palette for a quirky look. Wall storage boxes are becoming more and more popular as the way to organize your home.

Hack 4: Invest in a calendar


OK, this may seem too easy but investing in a timetable is an easy way of making sure that your life is more organized. Write down important dates and upcoming events and keep it visible. The kitchen is the best way to do this. Of course, if pen and paper are less appealing, why not go for an app to keep you on track. Organization apps are becoming more popular and are perfect for helping people stay focussed. Whether you want to become more organized at home or in the office, apps such as Get Organised are ideal for this. What’s more, you can track fitness levels, add a cleaning schedule, organize your work meetings and even block certain websites (Facebook, anyone?) to ensure that your life is more organized and less procrastination takes place. Easy peasy.


Hack 5: Maximise cupboard space


Take a look in your cupboards. Are they really as efficient as they could be? Adding simple things like poles, from end to end, could be an excellent way to organize your cupboards. Hanging cleaning products and utensils not only creates more space but allows you to see more clearly what you have in your home and what you don’t. Being able to grab things with ease is one of the best ways to remain organized. Likewise, boxes can be a great way to maximize space. Add products to the boxes in a logical way. For example, cleaning sponges can be in one box, dusters in another and so on. A small investment of time can pay out dividends.


For some, becoming more organized can be something of a pain. But, there are a lot of health benefits for doing so. Being organized reduces stress and anxiety and increases your overall well-being. After all, they do say a tidy home is a tidy mind. Having more time for the things that you enjoy doing, rather than being bogged down with chores, is vital.


What other home hacks have you done that have made your life and home more organized?


Samantha hails from Virginia and is a proud wife to a retired Deputy Sheriff and mother to two amazing little boys named Jack & William. A veteran product reviewer; Samantha has been reviewing products for 8 years and offers high quality product reviews with original photography.

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