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5 Essential Grooming Equipment for your Furry Friend

5 Essential Grooming Equipment for your Furry Friend

Grooming your furry friend is indeed a daunting and risky task. It requires knowledge and investment in some of the best grooming equipment available. Unlike the simple DIY activities that humans do to cut their hair or groom themselves, this cannot be the scenario here. For example, using a pair of simple scissors along with an old comb should never be attempted. This may only lead to the hair getting carelessly chopped and any rust on the scissor or comb may introduce infection to their skin.

Types of Dog Grooming Equipment

When we talk about grooming equipment for dogs, there are multiple types and categories in the same. The equipment also comes in different sizes, shapes and blade sizes. The reason behind this is simple – you can easily choose the product as per the hair growth of your dog along with the sizes and other necessities. Remember, no size fits all types of dogs and hence, you need to invest in the customized options available for the specific breed that your friend is of. Some of the popular and important grooming equipment that you should immediately place an order for include:

1.Brush: You can easily find a slicker brush that comes with firm bristles. It is used to remove tangles and knots that start to form quickly on their body. Based on the type of hair your dog has, you can invest in a curry brush or a pin brush.


2.Toenail Clippers: This is another important tool because chopping off the nails of your friend is extremely important when they grow in a good size. Dogs use their nails for different purposes, especially to comfortably itch themselves. When the nails grow very long, they may end up scratching their skin off.


3.Comb: Buy a medium-toothed comb to groom and pamper your dog once in a while. Combining them also works as a simple therapy for dogs that soothes their body. You can also buy a flea comb that can come handy during the flea season, which is usually monsoon. However, ticks can attack them throughout the season and hence, it is essential that you keep them clean.


4.Shampoo and Conditioner: There are plenty of dog shampoos and conditioners available in the market today. They come in all-natural ingredients and also with a balanced pH level to ensure no irritation is caused to their skin. If you aren’t sure, you can also consult with a doctor to find the best for your dog.


5. Electric Clippers: This among all is the most crucial equipment to invest in. It works like magic to remove some or all the coat of hair in the body as necessary. You can click on to learn more about the same. Finding an electric clipper is easy today both online and offline. Therefore, make sure that you research well and find the one with good blades.


Basic Steps for an Effective Grooming Routine


The more time you spend into grooming your furry friend, the better will his or her mental and physical health be. Many of these activities like combing hair and brushing the teeth of your dog should be done on a regular basis. Clipping their nails and coat on the other hand can be done once a month or as per their growth. Here are some simple yet effective grooming routine to follow on a regular basis:


  1. Brush their teeth with a dog brush and paste at least once a week. This will help in the removal of tartar along with bad breath.
  2. Bathe them at least twice a week with a mild shampoo and conditioner. You should also use clean towels that should be regularly washed with a mild detergent.
  3. Take a close look at the health of their ears. You can use soft earbuds to remove dirt that may appear on the outsides.
  4. Regularly clean their eyes because they tend to form mucus which then starts to build in layers. This is unhealthy for their eye health and may cause infection.
  5. Ensure you check their bottom on a regular basis. In case of any spotting of redness or swelling, you must immediately take him or her to a doctor.


Remember, the happier and pampered your friend is, the healthy will he or she be. They do not demand much for the loyalty and friendly nature they offer except for a little pampering. Therefore, ensure that you groom them well regularly and invest in the best grooming equipment to avoid infections and unwanted complications.

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