5 Events That You Should Not Miss Out On in Washington DC

Washington DC is a happening place and there are many events that keep happening in and around the city. Your age group, sex or nationality will hardly be a hurdle as you will find something or the other in the sea of events that happen all year round. The events that happen here are of every kind and it is impossible to list them all here. Large scale events and small scale events both get equal attention. The events can either be private or public. So many options cause a lot of confusion so we have generalized the events for you so that you can pinpoint your desire and plan accordingly.


Car enthusiasts

Washington features many auto events all year round. People who take interest in cars, bikes, or other automobiles will surely appreciate DC for being able to host such amazing events. One such event is the Washington Auto Show which is the largest indoor gathering of various automobile enthusiasts. The Auto Show features various companies who display some unreleased designs and prototypes. The people who visit here can also take a small test drive inside the area itself.


Music festivals

Music is the common language of the world and people travel far and wide to attend their favorite festivals. Washington hosts a lot of these festivals and one of the most iconic ones is the DC jazz fest. If you are interested in jazz music then you would have heard about this festival. You should surely attend this festival once in your life as it features multiple stages and features a lot of celebrity guest appearances.


Weed Events

DC is one of the 33 states where the use of marijuana is legal. It hosts a number of events in a truly innovative manner so that they remain compliant with the law. People from all over the world come together for these events to meet like-minded marijuana lovers. A lot of companies have recently sprung up to host these events and Ghouse events is one such company that contributed to starting these trends. Their events are not to be missed out if you are a cannabis enthusiast.

Sport events

The city bustles with multiple sporting events all year round which include sports like tennis, golf and even marathons. The marathon events held in DC are very interesting and you should keep your eyes open for these events that are usually announced well in advance. These marathon events are attended by a lot of celebrities who run for donations to a good cause. 


Wine enthusiasts

Wine is a sophisticated drink and the people of Washington surely know how to enjoy their wine. Massive festivals are organized with multiple companies coming together to host these memorable events. One of the best wine tasting festivals happens at the Smithsonian National Zoo. You can enjoy live music along with the best wine from all over the world.


Washington DC is quite a happening city and you can always find something or the other going on within the city that you can be a part of. People come together to organize and enjoy events almost every month. Just a bit of research and you can easily plan ahead to attend your favorite event.

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