5 Reasons to Invest in a Camper

5 Reasons to Invest in a Camper


Camping is incredibly popular in the U.S., with nearly 42 million people enjoying it in 2017, according to These days, there are lots of options for camper rentals, including RVs, making it easy find out if owning a camper is really for you before making a bigger investment. Picking up an RV rental in Vancouver and heading out on a road trip throughout British Columbia or even across the entire country of Canada could make for vacation of a lifetime while getting a feel for the camping life.

Whether you’re an avid camping enthusiast and are thinking about an upgrade from a tent or considering the activity for the first time, there are lots of reasons to invest in a camper, though these may be the most compelling.

You Can Bring Many of the Comforts of Home


When you have a camper, you’ll be able to enjoy a more comfortable experience with the ability to bring many of the comforts of home. It’s much easier to bring along your toys like bicycles or kayaks too. You may even be able to haul a boat or take along four-wheelers for an extra fun adventure.

Plus, you can have your camper ready to go with all you need when you decide you want to camp on a whim – no more spending hours packing up the car. Instead, you can spend that time actually enjoying the great outdoors.

More Flexibility


With a camper you won’t have to worry about being stuck to an itinerary, checking in at a hotel at a specific time and having to check out at a specific time. You’ll be in control, allowing for a lot more flexibility.

Saving Money


With a camper, you won’t have to shell out all that money for airfare or hotel rooms. You can even save on all that dining out by cooking your own meals if you buy a camper that includes a kitchen. That can add up to significant savings. It’s easy to eat while you’re out on the road too – and, you’ll be able to eat healthier without having to stop for fast food. Just pull off the highway and use your kitchen to eat cheaper and more nutritiously. We also recommend reading the article – various camper van design software options available for free that allow users to design and plan

You Can Bring Your Pets


No more worries about boarding your dog or getting someone to come feed and walk him while you’re away. With your camper, you can bring your entire family, including those beloved four-legged friends so they can enjoy a good time too.

You’ll Be Part of a Community


Owning a camper, motorhome or RV means that you’ll be part of a community of like-minded people. When you’re at campgrounds, you’ll probably encounter lots of people with similar interests and you may even make new friends you wouldn’t have otherwise. Check out Kirkland RV Sales for all of your camper needs.

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