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5 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your HVAC System

We bet you don’t always think about your equipment for heating and cooling in Coeur d’Alene Junction… until your home suddenly becomes uncomfortable and you see yourself making a service call. 

When your comfort system fails, you may think that repair is always the best option. Unfortunately, it’s not—especially if you find yourself paying thousands in every service appointment. 

Your HVAC system is a big investment, and as much as you would like to keep it running, it’s important to know when it’s time to make a replacement or an upgrade. 

Below are five (5) signs that it’s time for HVAC replacement: 

Unusual Increase in Your Utility Bills 

Your energy bill for heating and cooling in Coeur d’Alene Junction typically changes a little each month. But if it grows unbelievably higher than it normally does and consumes a huge portion of your savings, then something is wrong with your equipment.  

Heating and cooling systems are one of the leading energy hogs in any household. While it’s true, your bills shouldn’t be higher than the previous months, given that your meter is accurate. 

If you noticed a sudden spike in your utility costs, then it’s worth talking to an expert HVAC contractor to know if a replacement is needed. 

The System is Too Old

All HVAC systems are designed with the same purpose—to provide effective heating and cooling in Coeur d’Alene Junction. But they all differ in one aspect—their lifespans. As a homeowner, it is hard to determine your system’s lifespan. And even the experts don’t have the exact answer of how long your system is supposed to last. 

Generally, your HVAC’s lifespan depends on how it’s installed and how often it’s maintained. That’s why it’s always recommended to contact the experts to install and maintain your system to ensure quality results. 

For HVAC equipment that’s too old, repair is no longer a smart move. You’re just going to spend money for nothing. If you’re in doubt if a replacement is the best for your current system, then call the pros for expert advice. 

Frequent Repairs on Parts 

There’s no reason to keep your HVAC system if it needs repairs from time to time. An older unit that requires frequent repairs becomes less efficient and can’t deliver sufficient heating and cooling in Coeur d’Alene Junction, causing you to spend more money on labor and parts instead of a new HVAC system. 

Labor for fixing the motor, compressor, and coil can add up quickly to your overall expenses than you realize. Replacing the entire system is actually more beneficial to your investment than simply fixing those parts repeatedly. 

You Don’t Feel Comfortable at Home 

With the changing season, you need to have a well-functioning HVAC system to provide effective heating and cooling in Coeur d’Alene Junction. But if your unit isn’t providing consistent comfort due to frequent short cycling, then you’ll be facing a huge problem.

If your HVAC turns on and off on its own too often, then it’s a clear sign that it’s an inch closer to retirement, or it’s not sized correctly with your home’s comfort demands. You can’t afford to live in a hot or cold home when your HVAC stops working. So, replace it while you still have time. 

Your HVAC Emits Odds Noises

HVAC systems typically make noises when in use. But if you heard weird sounds like rattling, humming, screeching, or popping, then it’s time to investigate. Don’t ignore these sounds, especially when they get progressively louder as your system operates. These sounds indicate that your equipment needs replacement or its parts need repair. Call the pros to diagnose your system. 

Whether you like it or not, your HVAC will eventually reach the end of its lifespan and a replacement will be needed. It’s important to seek professional help when installing a new HVAC to ensure your home uses the right system and you get the best heating and cooling in Coeur d’Alene Junction for years.

When it comes to your HVAC installation needs, Bills HVAC & A/C is the team you can count on. The company has licensed and industry-certified HVAC contractors who will handle your HVAC replacement project. They serve the greater Spokane and Coeur d’ Alene areas. Contact them at 208-777-5528 today! 


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