5 Terrific Tips For Immersive Travel

5 Terrific Tips For Immersive Travel

Some might say that the distinction between a tourist and a traveller is arbitrary  ̶   even if you’re able to spend a couple of months in a certain location, you’ll never truly experience what it’s like to live there permanently because you know you’re moving on, therefore your experience is no more enhanced than that of a long-term tourist taking in typical sites.

Despite this slightly cynical view, there actually are several ways that you can enjoy a genuinely deep dive into a new culture and location, even if you don’t have the luxury of a gap year schedule to do so.

With that in mind, here are five terrific tips for immersive travel.

  • Learn the lingo

One of the best ways to quickly immerse yourself in a new culture is by learning some of the local language beforehand. You don’t need to be fluent, but most local residents will at least appreciate you making the effort and probably offer to help you learn more. Plus, being able to ask directions and order food never goes amiss. Download an app like and learn the lingo ahead of time.

  • Don’t go all-inclusive

Staying at an all-inclusive resort can be very convenient, especially if you’re travelling with kids in tow. But the flipside is that if you spend most of the time inside the compound walls and only taking ‘officially sanctioned’ excursions, you’ll miss out on the food, entertainment and people that make a place unique. Research reviews and travel safely, but using independent accommodation and eating out are two basic but brilliant steps towards a more in-depth travel experience. 

  • Hire a car

If you’re a reasonably experienced and confident driver, exploring a new country by car allows you to travel to your own itinerary, take ad hoc pitstops when you serendipitously discover an amazing town, village or scenic spot, and blast out your holiday playlist without fear of complaints! Hire a car online from a reliable comparison site like and hit the road to adventure when you land!

  • Rent a house

Another awesome way to live like a local during your short-term vacation is to rent a house through a site like Research the local neighbourhoods carefully and read every review thoroughly but staying in salubrious surroundings in a hip residential neighbourhood might be even more enjoyable than residing in a boutique hotel. 

  • Explore off-track

Naturally you’ll want to take in some of the typical tourist spots at your destination, but to dig deeper into the history and culture, be prepared to go off the beaten track. With a little online research and by getting to know locals, you’ll discover insider secrets about everything from stunning beauty spots to brilliant bars usually frequented by locals. If you want your entire holiday to be less ordinary, look at this guide to off-the-beaten-track adventures from

Adopt these five tips for immersive travel and you’ll make the most of each and every holiday  ̶  you’re welcome!

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