5 Things to Look for in an Artificial Grass Company


5 Things to Look for in an Artificial Grass Company


Looking to add charm to your home? While you could invest in everything from new furniture to a great bathroom, when it comes to the feel good factor, there are a few better things than some simple greenery in your home. Yet, you’re probably short on space if you live in an urban area – which could make you ask, how do you get one?

Moving into a house with no garden can be a big turn-off. Anyone would admit to the joy of waking up to the lush green lawn with beautiful flowers. No need to get disheartened. You can get artificial grasses for your terrace or balcony and get the same feel.

The Top 5 Things You Need to Look For

However, before you go on buying some, just have a look at some of the important points that can help you choose the right artificial grass companies for your need.

  1.   The Color:  

Always opt for grasses with brown root zone. It means the grass carries a hint of brown. It looks more natural. If you opt for a complete green one, it will look more of a designer carpet than grass. Also, the grass comes in all tones of green. While it depends completely on your personal preference, do note that make it look a bit matural is what many prefer.

  1.    The Feel:

Most people don’t feel the need to touch the grass while buying. But the fact is, once you have an artificial grass, you like lying over it with the favorite novel and a cup of cappuccino. So, always feel the grass over your arms, cheek, and sole. If it is too prickly, don’t opt for it. It will spoil the joy of lying on the grass. Opt for the one that feels more like grass.

  1.     The Drainage:

Artificial grass is laid over the hard surface. So, there is an absolute necessity for it to have a proper drainage. Otherwise, the water logging will damage your house. Consult an interior designer specializing in garden deco for proper installation of the grass and its drainage provisions.

  1.     The Grass material:

When you get an artificial lawn, the grass material is also worth considering. The ‘bounce back’ ability of grass plays an important part in making the layout look natural.  In the market, you will get grass made from polyethene and polypropylene. Opt the polyethene one. It regains its shape better than polypropylene. So, when you place a chair over your lawn, the grass lies down flat. But the polyethene grass gets back to shape faster and better than polypropylene.

  1.   The Density:

The density of the artificial pints to its material. A good quality grass weighs around 3 kg/m2. So, always enquire about the weight of the artificial grass. The proper density ensures the longevity of the material and also lusher look.

These are the points that you need to cross-check in priority when you are out buying for your terrace lawn. We hope this helps you in choosing the perfect material. Do let us know what you feel about the post.

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