5 Things You Should Know About Buying a Murphy Bed

5 Things You Should Know About Buying a Murphy Bed

Also known as murphy beds, the beds have been used in homes for centuries, especially those with limited space. This type of bed design helps create functional and decorative spaces in homes. Here are 5 important things about murphy beds you should know:

  1. They Aren’t Just Made for Bedrooms

Not everyone has a separate guest room for their visitors. However, the stress of having an extra room should not be a problem anymore especially if you consider the versatility of having murphy beds. Murphy beds can easily fit into any room, be it a basement, living room, an open space, a family room or even a game room.

A murphy bed placed in a living room creates a convenient seating area, transforming it into a supportive bed at night. It can feature a sofa with a cabinet in front to encase the bed.

  1. All Murphy beds are Durable

Most beds of high quality can double or triple your home’s space. Murphy beds take little space while providing a comfortable and safe good night sleep. The last thing you would want your murphy bed to be is a flimsy construction made of particle board.

Instead, opt for murphy beds made from 100% hardwood. They have an open and close mechanism with a lifetime warranty. Moreover, they’re built to last for many years. You don’t have to worry about safety issues.

  1. They’re Perfect for Your Children’s Bedroom

A kid’s bedroom is a perfect place for installing a wall bed. It frees up a lot of space to enable your children to have plenty of space to exercise and play. They can also come with a desk to provide a working space for homework.

They also provide a comfortable place for your kids or guests to sleep. Customization of the bed is possible, adding side piers for storage of toys, books and clothes.

  1. The Beds are Simple to Use

It takes a few minutes and little effort to pull down a murphy bed from its cabinet and push it back into its cabinet. Most models that come with a desk can allow you to work on it as you pull the bed down over the top.

This is the simplest, most convenient and easiest way of making hidden murphy beds. Opening a murphy bed is easy, despite your size, physical abilities or age.

  1. Murphy beds Have Unlimited Functionality and Style

Murphy beds can be customized into nearly any type of function, style or feature you might desire. The custom, size and side piers cabinet aspects of the bed provide a well-coordinated look in your room. Whether you need a murphy bed for your wardrobe, business, crating or artistic needs, you can get one custom-made for you.


A murphy bed is a sleeping solution that’s ingenious, especially for rooms with small spaces. If you want to purchase one or get it custom-made, there are different options and styles to choose from.

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