5 Tips to Elevate Your Living Room with a New Sofa

5 Tips to Elevate Your Living Room with a New Sofa

Replacing an old sofa with a contemporary and stylish new set can give your living room an instant uplift. In addition, if you make an informed buying decision, you’ll own a sofa that offers great value for your money in terms of durability, comfort and design.

If you’re looking for a new sofa set for your living room, here are five tips to help you buy one that will give your home a lush makeover.

Measure your space before going shopping

Don’t make such a big purchase based on your hunch or estimate. Take proper measurements and then go sofa hunting. Consider if your present set is too small or too large for your living room, as you don’t want to make the same mistake all over again by buying the wrong size.

To make your entertainment space look well defined and well organized, the size of your furniture pieces is as important as its color and design.

Don’t compromise on quality

Unless you’re getting a high-quality piece at a bargain, don’t go too low when it comes to spending on a new sofa. Consider it an investment and stretch your budget a little for a piece that’s comfortable, sturdy and also looks great.

A well-made sofa is a work of art that speaks for itself. A tough sofa crafted with quality materials will last you more than a decade without needing frequent repairs. If at all, compromise on the design but never on the make.

Choose the right frame

Your new sofa has to have a solid frame made of quality hardwood. This is an important consideration that often gets overlooked when buyers focus too much on design and appearance.

A simple rule is to steer clear of sofas with cheap frames made from plastic, particle board or pine. What you want is a strong inner frame made of high-quality solid wood. In addition, look for a sofa whose legs are either part of the frame or are firmly attached to it with screws or wooden dowels.

Choose luxurious upholstery

While fabric sofas have an understated earthy charm, leather sofas are the ultimate in refined luxury that gives a high-end upgrade to any space. To infuse a classy and timeless feel into your living room, opt for a comfortable Chesterfield in either leather or wool.

Remember to choose a material that won’t feel rough on the skin when sitting and that’s easy to clean and maintain.

Make sure it fits your needs

Is the sofa you’re eyeing comfortable to sit in for long hours? Does it have sufficient depth and width to hold your body comfortably? Is it the right choice for your family members? Does it offer proper back support with your feet placed on the ground?

Last but not least, if you intend to use it for naps, ensure that the sofa is long enough for your height. There is no point buying a couch that looks great but doesn’t help you relax and put your feet up.

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