5 Tips to Preventing a Migraine

5 Tips to Preventing a Migraine

Ever experienced some debilitating, throbbing pain on one side of your head, sometimes along with dizziness and nausea? Well, that’s not just a headache; it is what is referred to as a migraine. Recurrent in most cases, migraines can also be accompanied by symptoms such as vomiting and heightened sensitivity to odor, sound, and light in, addition to dizziness and nausea. More often than not, migraines have specific triggers attached to them. For some people, it is triggered by too much exposure to noise or intense light, whereas for some, it is more to do with their diet, posture or state of mind. Regardless of the cause migraines can be devastating, especially when they keep recurring. And as they say, prevention is always better than cure. Here are some 5 tips to preventing a migraine you might want to borrow.


  1. Eat Right

Believe you me; eating right is one of the best ways to prevent tension headaches. Some foods such as cheese, chocolate, processed meats, and red wine can cause or accelerate the symptoms of a migraine. As a matter of fact, migraines are common in the morning after heavy drinking, as part of the hangover. Avoiding or limiting your intake of such foods can save you from the agony. Also, it is important to have a consistent diet routine. For many people, the throbbing headache comes as a result of skipping meals. Eating right can reduce the chances of suffering from migraine headaches.


  1. Keep Your Sleeping Habits in Check

Sleep is one of the most important things as far as your health is concerned. Getting enough quality sleep improves your immunity, mood, mental ability, and energy levels. However, sleeping less or too much can affect all these. The same case applies to irregular sleeping habit. Developing a proper sleep habit can help prevent migraine headaches.


  1. Stay Hydrated

Dehydration is another common culprit cause and trigger of migraines. When the body doesn’t get an adequate amount of water, it may respond by giving you a hard time through pain and discomfort. Migraines from dehydration may be accompanied by fatigue and general muscle weakness. Stay dehydrated, preferably with plain water. If you have to take other beverages, go for those that are low-sugar or sugar-free and non-caffeinated.  


  1. Avoid Exposure to Loud Noises & Bright Light

Exposure to too much sensory stimuli can also trigger a migraine. Some of these may include light too bright and loud noises. In this case, you’ll want to avoid environments where you might experience such triggers. Some of these places include nightclubs, movie theatres, and highways at night. Also, some of these triggers could be in your apartment or home so be keen on finding out if there are any audio or visual disturbances and get rid of them.


  1. Learn To Deal with Stress

The other way you can prevent migraines is to understand that stress is another common migraine trigger. The best way to deal with stress is avoiding it in the first place. However, stressful situations can sometimes be challenging to avoid. In this case, how you react to stress is highly important. There are various ways to deal with, avoid, and reduce stress. For instance, meditation, relaxation exercises, and yoga can be helpful in reducing stress levels.


Clearly, we can tell one important thing from the tips above. You can only prevent a migraine if you know its source. This makes it essential to discover what triggers your migraines so that you can deal with it from the root cause.

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