6 Apps To Keep You Safe While Traveling

If you’re off on a traveling trip you’re probably feeling pretty excited about all the adventures you’re going to have. Once all your bags are packed don’t forget to check out the following applications. These have a huge range of features to help keep you safe on your trip.


  1. Noonlight


Noonlight is an app to help keep you safe in an emergency situation. The app was made for those situations where you’re not sure whether to call 911 or not. Noonlight uses technology to send emergency help to wherever you are, with the click of a button. If you feel unsafe, you can hold the button down with your finger. Once you reach a safe destination, you can let go of the button, and enter your pin number. If you feel in immediate danger, simply let go of the button without entering your pin. The process works by notifying the police. Premium features of the app include:


  • Crash Response: the app can detect if you’ve had a car accident, and send help.
  • Apple Watch: All you have to do is tap ‘send help’ on your Apple Watch, for immediate assistance.
  • Tinder support: Noonlight partners with Tinder, to provide safety features for online dating.


2 . Sitata Travel Safe


The Sitata Travel Safe app works by tracking safety hazards across the world. The app will alert users to natural disasters, disease outbreaks, violence, or protests. With the help of the application you can get a safety ranking for different locations. With the safety ranking you can work out which areas to avoid. The app sends real-time notifications, so you can change your route if you need too. One of the best features is the traveling community, where travelers share tips and stories, to help keep eachother safe. With the help of Sitata you can log your health and medical data, and get advice about vaccinations.


  1. Trip Lingo


Trip Lingo includes plenty of cool features to help you on your travels. The app includes phrasebooks, voice translation, and culture info. With the help of these features you can communicate with local people, and improve your traveling experience. Using the app you can access emergency info, and medical phrases in lots of different languages. There’s also a WiFi dialer, so you can connect without getting hefty roaming fees. A few of the other features include:


  • Image translation for menus and signs.
  • Currency converter and tip calculator.
  • An offline dictionary.
  • A range of different audio lessons.


Trip Lingo is the perfect app for traveling the world. With so many features, you’ll get to grips with the local language.


  1. bSafe 


With the help of the bSafe app, your family and friends can act as a safety support group. The app sends live audio and video to whichever contacts you’ve selected. To activate the video stream, you need to say your ‘SOS phrase’ out loud. If there comes a time where you feel in danger, you can speak the phrase to activate the live stream. Your contacts receive the audio and video, plus your GPS location. Your loved ones can pass this information onto the authorities, to keep you safe.


  1. CDC TravWell


The CDC Travwell app was made by the Centre for Disease and Control Prevention. The app provides users with vaccine info, and prompts you to record your medications. With the app you can also record your vaccine boosters, and travel logs. There’s lots of specialist content which offers advice about keeping safe as you travel. Using the app you can prepare for your travelling trips and plan what to pack. You can store your important travel docs, and set reminders.


  1. CloseCircle


CloseCircle has been described as a ‘virtual bodyguard’ application. The app offers both safety advice and security personnel support. The app features location tracking, an SOS button, and safety advice. The CloseCircle app is monitored by security professionals around the clock, so you’ll receive support no matter when. This app also features an evacuation service. The service offers assistance if there’s an extreme weather event, or a terror threat.


For extra support, it may be worth looking into a few self defense options. You might research pepper spray or Stun Gun Types. Remember to check the laws of the country you are traveling to, before purchasing any self defense items.


With so many options available, you’ll find an app to suit your needs and your trip. It’s important to put your safety first, whether you’re traveling alone or in a group. Having a few safety apps will put your mind at rest, allowing you to enjoy your travels.

Samantha hails from Virginia and is a proud wife to a retired Deputy Sheriff and mother to two amazing little boys named Jack & William. A veteran product reviewer; Samantha has been reviewing products for 8 years and offers high quality product reviews with original photography.

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