6 Piece Knife Set with Square Stand by El Perfecto
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6 Piece Knife Set with Square Stand by El Perfecto

6 Piece Knife Set with Square Stand by El Perfecto

6 Piece Knife Set with Square Stand by El Perfecto

I received the following product for free in exchange for an honest review. The opinions contained within this post are mine and may vary from the opinions of others.

About 6 Piece Knife Set with Square Stand by El Perfecto

  • COMPLETE CONTEMPORARY KNIFE SET by El Perfecto Kitchen contains an eight inch Chef Knife, eight inch Slicing Knife, eight inch Bread Knife; five inch Utility Knife, and three-point-five inch Paring Knife in a matching steel square stand that allows you to select the perfect knife for every cutting task; dimensions are fourteen-point-two inches by seven-point-one inches by six-point-seven inches; arrives in a gift box with a carry handle;
  • • MADE OF THE BEST MATERIALS with premium Royal Class stainless steel and masterful craftsmanship that put these knives on a level with the cutlery used by professional chefs; their excellence will make them a fine addition to the home kitchen for years to come; rust-free, the razor-sharp blades are best if hand washed and hand dried, avoiding being placed in the dishwasher;
  • • UNIQUELY DESIGNED with hollow handles that have concave bumps on its sides, the knives provide comfort and balance so you can make precision cuts quickly and easily; without the extra weight of a solid handle, your hands will experience less strain for long-term comfort;
  • • CONTEMPORARY HOLDER of a sleek, modern stand that is shaped like a square complements any kitchen décor; the five designated slots on top for specific knives hold them securely in place; a square base keeps the stand stable and upright, nicely decorating any kitchen counter;
  • • THIRTY DAY GUARANTEE and FAST DELIVERY as orders are processed and shipped the same day they are received; the no-hassle return policy lets you try the product with confidence; if there are any concerns or questions within thirty days, please contact El Perfecto Kitchen immediately

What We Thought

I live in the kitchen, okay maybe not live in there but I spend a great deal of time in the kitchen making tasty meals for my family. It is my true passion to feed people and always has been. When I got the opportunity to review this knife set I was not only excited but happy that it looks so contemporary. When our son was about 4 months old we did a complete kitchen remodel. Think Brady Bunch out the window and bring in modern with a taste of country. Okay hard to explain, but it looks amazing. One thing I did not have and haven’t had ever is a great set of knives in a stand.

These knives arrived wrapped in excellent condition and I was ready to show them off right away. In the stand they look so modern and look great sitting on top of my microwave. I was able to try them out several days later when we were making homemade apple sauce and let me tell you they are SHARP!

We were able to slice through those apples at lightening speed and the knives didn’t hurt my hand either which is a plus.

If you are looking for a great set of kitchen knives that won’t break your bank coming in at less than $40, check out 6 Piece Knife Set with Square Stand by El Perfecto

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