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6 Things That Can Go Wrong With Your Furnace

6 Things That Can Go Wrong With Your Furnace


Age, lack of maintenance, and other factors can impact your furnace’s proper operation. Maybe you have made an addition to your house, which requires extra ductwork yet puts added stress on your furnace. Fortunately, homeowners can take the guesswork out of their conundrums by enlisting the help of an HVAC services technician. For now, let’s review some of the potential problems that can occur with your furnace.  


Lack of Maintenance Causes a Breakdown


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Regular maintenance checks from your HVAC services technician are critical to prevent any problems from getting bigger. You don’t want one of the most important systems in your house failing when you need it the most, such as during the winter.


Dirty Furnace Filters Impact Heating Capacity

If you’re experiencing problems with heating your home, these problems could be due to clogged furnace filters. The solution is to change the filters regularly and purchase them with quality in mind. A better quality filter will remove any contaminants from your home’s indoor air. Staying on top of your furnace filter is quite simple yet incredibly important in the maintenance of a healthy furnace.


The Gas Pressure Regulator Fails to Function Correctly

A gas pressure regulator takes high pressured gas and reduces it in volume so that a furnace can operate. Gas pressure regulators are also commonly found on gas barbecue grills. An improperly operating gas pressure regulator can create problems for your furnace, which is why you want to schedule regular HVAC system maintenance.


The Heat Exchanger Develops Cracks

A heat exchanger allows air to flow through a set of coils, which then heats the air and distributes the heat throughout the home. The metal expands with heat and contracts when cooled. However, over time, the heat exchanger could develop cracks. If you suspect that you may have a cracked exchanger, call an HVAC services technician for proper inspection.


The Gas Solenoid Valve Does Not Work Properly

The gas solenoid valve controls the flow of liquids or gases throughout your HVAC system. Problems that can occur with this component include the valves failing to open, valves remaining partially closed, erratic valve sounds, and coil problems. A qualified technician will be able to diagnose the problem and repair the component to proper functioning status


Delayed Ignition Results in Audible Noises

Furnace noise will be apparent, and these noises signal that an HVAC services technician is needed. Noise could possibly be from a fan bearing being worn out. The solution is to replace the bearing. 


Another reason for noise could be a problem that causes delayed ignition. Delayed ignition occurs when unburned oil builds up in the fire box chamber, resulting in gases igniting all at once. Such an ignition can be dangerous, a problem that is best addressed by an HVAC services professional.


To better prevent the many problems that can occur with your furnace, it’s important to get regular maintenance checks performed. Remember to keep your furnace clean, free of dust, and operating with clean furnace filters.


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