Planning a trip? Want to explore a place with sunny beaches but also with a great history?  Then welcome to Croatia. It is an amazing, beautiful destination and unexpectedly diverse.

Croatia has become a travel hotspot for many individuals. It has amazing beaches, incredible national parks, fun nightlife, and surprising history. The capital of Croatia, Zagreb, is famous for its medieval town and remarkable museums.

Here we have some useful guidelines for you to remember before planning a trip to Croatia.


  • Weather in Croatia


Along the coastline, it can be typically hot, dry and sunny weather during summer and wet and moderately cold weather during winters. Whereas, in southern Adriatic, weather is generally sunnier and drier than the northern Adriatic of Istria. In summer, the temperature can go up to 86°F and the average temperature in winter stays around 41°F.


  • Budget


Croatia is a part of Europe, but officially, its currency is Kuna.  Its exchange rate is 7.5 kn per 1€, 8.4 kn per 1£ and 5.6 kn per 1$. Though you can pay in Euro for many things, such as food, accommodation or gasoline but your change will be returned in Kuna only.

Croatia is always compared to Greece when it comes to its mesmerizing beauty and landscape. But this country is more expensive than in Greece. Dubrovnik is the most expensive city in Croatia due to the whole setup of Games of Thrones.


  • Accommodation


Nowadays, tourism is the main industry in the country. It offers various accommodations. While you are on holiday or planning for it, you can choose villas or apartment rentals, campsites, resorts, and hotels. According to your style and budget, you can choose the right one for you.  You will have complimentary breakfast in hotels and sometimes, complimentary dinner may be offered. And if you choose a rental apartment or villa for your stay, it will give you full privacy along with a personal swimming pool. They are cheaper than hotels and will be fully furnished with great amenities.


  • Best time to visit


People usually prefer to travel during July and August. But, the best time to visit is in June and September. You will find less crowd, quiet empty beaches and the weather will be warm, sunny and pleasant.

Hotel prices are at their peak while prime season. You might pay more for entry fees, ferries, and at other tourist attractions. But, the prices will be more affordable during these two months. Additionally, you will find a good discount offered by hotels while June and September and can easily find excellent accommodation.  


  • Exploring Croatia


You will find many options to travel around Croatia, but renting a car is the best way. This is the most convenient way if you really want to discover the country. Another way to explore Croatia is by local bus. They are affordable, frequent and fast. You can enjoy a ride on the hop-on bus and use GetByBus to check bus schedules, book a ticket and to check lines.

Along with these options, ferries are the most popular way, and sometimes, the only way to visit islands. The main ferry ports are Zadar, Split, and Rijeka. Additionally, you can find Uber for having affordable car rides. It is the cheapest taxi option in the country, but prices can rise during the peak season.


  • Travel destinations


Exploring a destination in Croatia totally depends upon what you to do there, what kind of traveler you are, for how long you are there and your budget. If you love exploring historical things, Istria and Zagreb are the best options. You will find plenty of museums here. Its historical sites have made it to Unesco World Heritage Sites list.

Zadar has fantastic and famous national parks. If you are a Game of Thrones fan, then visit Dubrovnik. A lot of scenes were shot over there. Additionally, Croatia has a number of destinations that are less visited gems and have a lesser crowd.


  • Rocky beaches


Beaches there are most breathtaking. Its water is as clear as glass. But, the majority of them are either rocky or pebbly. You will find the most famous beaches in north Istria and south Dalmatia. Sandy beaches are not common but it does not mean there are none. Sakarun beach and Sanj beach are sandy and most beautiful beaches in the country. The water is warm and ideal for swimming.

It’s time to make a way to the paradise of Croatia. Crystal clear beaches, well-preserved   monuments and old town will make your experience worth remembering



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