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7 Tips for Safe Drinking Water

7 Tips for Safe Drinking Water

Clean and pure drinking water is the need of every living person on this planet. However, most of the water available on earth is not safe for drinking. Therefore, it becomes essential for us to purify the water and make it fit for drinking purposes. There are a variety of water filters and purifiers available in the market.

However, the purification of water is not limited to the use of filters and water purifiers. There are many ways to make the water safe for drinking. Let us explore some tips for safe drinking water that people can use in homes and offices to purify the water.

The amount of water your body needs

More than 50% of your body weight is water. Without water, it is impossible to maintain a normal body temperature, eliminate waste, and regulate bowel movements.

Not drinking enough water can lead to dehydration, leading to muscle weakness and cramps, poor coordination, and increased risk of heat exhaustion and heatstroke. Water is so important that a person cannot live without it for more than five days.

You often hear that you need to drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water every day. The Food and Nutrition Board of the Institute of Medicine suggests that women drink more than 11 8-ounce (91-ounce) glasses of water per day, and men drink more than 15 (125-ounce) glasses of water per day.

Protect the source of your water

Whether the water in your house comes from a well, river, or groundwater, it is essential to protect that source from contamination. Protecting the source of water is one of the best ways to protect the drinking water. 

Your drinking water may be contaminated by fertilizers, animal waste, herbicides, motor oil, petrol, and other substances as they are transported to the water-source by run-off contamination. If you have your drinking water well, then you can take steps to protect your water source. Check your well every month for visible signs of cracks or erosion. Keep your surroundings clean and free of debris. 

Do not put harmful chemicals on the soil and do not misuse fertilizers and pesticides. Check your septic system every year and get it pumped every 3-5 years. Arrange for proper disposal of household chemicals. Never put them in your garden or under a storm drain.

Bottled Mineral Water

Checking the seal of water bottles is important because sometimes conspiratorial store owners may fill bottles and glue the cap back. It is best to drink only the water stored at room temperature because cold drinks weaken your digestion, and they charge more for cold drinks. Avoid ice in beverages as well because the water used to make ice is not pure.

What to do if bottled water is not available?

In some places, bottled water is not available such as remote areas and mountains. When you go trekking or camping, there are fewer chances of getting purified or filtered water. In such places, you can use a pocket water filter that is available easily in the market. You can buy it from online stores like Amazon or an offline store that sells water filters or kitchen products.

Efficient use of water

As water is limited in the world, it is essential to use it efficiently. With the continuous growth of populations across the world, we need to have enough supply of clean water. Many people leave the supply unattended in their garden, and the water continues to flow more than required. Therefore, it is essential to turn off the garden irrigation system on time.

Never drink water from unknown sources.

If you travel frequently, you should carry enough water with you in a water bottle or can. You can also drink packaged mineral water but should not drink water from taps, ponds, or rivers. Avoid drinking water from unknown sources and prefer drinking water only from purification systems.

Invest in a water purifier

If you are not using a water purification system in your home, you should plan to get one. Install the water purifier of a reputed company, and it will serve you purified water all the time.

Cooee Water offers water purification and filtration systems for residential and commercial use in Australia. The company serves all the regions of Australia, but they are most active in South East Queensland. If you are located in Australia, you can install a water filtration system in your home or office. For more information on countertop filters and water purifiers, you can visit their website.

Final Words

These are some tips for safe drinking water. The best way to stay safe from contaminated water is to stay alert and be conscious of drinking water from any place. Invest in high-quality water purifiers and consume only purified water all the time. Consuming clean water can protect you from plenty of illnesses and offer good health.

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