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8 Things Only an Insomniac Would Truly Understand

8 Things Only an Insomniac Would Truly Understand

Many of us are crippled by sleeping disorders and this has become quite a common thing. The reason is obviously the cut-throat competition faced almost in all stages of life and experienced by all age brackets. One truly needs to curb this problem because of it takes a toll on health. Here are a few points which you would understand if you are also an insomniac.


  • Every single day you think “Today I am going to have the best sleep ever”. With this thought you go to bed every night and check the clock “Oh its only 11 P.M., let me watch another episode of Narcos on Netflix” and when you check the time next, it is 3 A.M. You start feeling guilty again!




  • If there is someone’s birthday in your friend circle, you are always the first one to wish them without failure. So, all your friends actually heap you with the task of getting the midnight cake delivery by FNP  for the other friend because you are the best person who would responsibly keep a track of the order while others would sleep peacefully.




  • Check your credit card bills and the bank statement once and you would know that what you have been doing all through the night! Most of the necessary as well as bizarre products have been ordered while you were struggling to find some sleep.




  • Those who keep awake at night are generally more prone to the idea of art and creativity. You must have observed that when you are awake at night, there is a stir of new thoughts in your head. There is something within you that says you to keep on thinking and then you come up with a beautiful short story or poem or painting.




  • You just love to gulp down cups of coffee or tea. Well, that is one reason why you don’t find proper sleep. But what to do when you are not in sleep? Only some cups of tea or coffee with snacks keeps you motivated that one fine night you would find that desired sleep.




  • May be you find a bit of sleep at around 4-5 A.M and when you wake up, the ongoing movie or TV series greets you a “Good Morning” from your laptop as you fell asleep while watching it.




  • You generally feel jealous about people who say that “last night was troublesome as I could catch only 6 hours of sleep which should have been 8”. In your mind you are actually calculating how many days you take to cover 6 hours of sleep – right?




  • Sometimes you feel that all the midnight food joints run their business because of you! How many times a week you have ordered jakes as online cake delivery in Delhi at midnight? There is actually a close relationship between midnight hours and hunger. You may have enjoyed a Biriyani dinner but somehow you feel hungry!



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