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9 Fantastic Decor Hacks For Lounges And Bars

9 Fantastic Decor Hacks For Lounges And Bars


In order to have a successful and happening bar or lounge, there are certain factors that are essential. A good bartender, an excellent selection of cocktails and most importantly a fabulous ambiance. A fabulous ambiance is all about having a beautiful décor that relates to your customers and clients. If you’re planning on opening up a bar or lounge, or you already have an existing bar that needs a décor upgrade, there are a list of amazing and effective décor hacks that we have compiled for you. Here’s everything you need to know:

Wooden Décor For A Classy And Upscale Bar-Or Lounge

Let’s face it, the most sophisticated and upscale bars always have a stunning and rustic wooden décor. Wood has a way of making people feel cozy and comfortable. You should have wooden flooring, wooden panels and wooden furniture in your bar or lounge to give it that elegant appeal. A long wooden bar table, a few wooden bar stools and other such items are also essential for the commercial space. You can opt for a monochromatic theme in the bar by ensuring that you use the same wood for the furniture and the flooring.

Perfect Lighting Plays A Very Important Role In The Ambience

In order to have the perfect ambiance in your bar or lounge, you need to make sure that you have perfect lighting in the space. Nobody likes excessively bright lights in a bar. The lights in your lounge need to be subtle and dim. Further, the lighting structures that you install in your bar also need to be unique and captivating. Pendant lights over the bar table, wall lamps and sconces around the bar, string lights to add that bohemian chic vibe to space and other such options are ideal.

Comfortable Seating Is An Absolute Must

When people come to a bar, they come with the sole intention of relaxing and unwinding. Comfortable seating plays an important role in making the clients and customers feel at home. Large and cushioned chairs that provide excellent support, bar stools with proper back support, a few bean bags for people to lounge on and other such options are just what you need in your bar. The chairs should be so relaxing that a person should be able to sit on them for hours on end without any discomfort.

Install Artificial Landscaping Products For Visual Pleasure

Installing faux silk plants and trees in the bar can give the commercial space a visually pleasing vibe. Artificial topiary letters with the name or initials of your bar will give the ambience of your bar that unique and customised feel. Further, if your bar has a high ceiling, you can also install silk topiary trees in the corners. These faux landscaping products will give a burst of freshness to the surroundings. These fake trees and plants make excellent décor options because of their affordable prices, strength and durability and long-lasting nature.

Themed Bars Are All The Rage

Themed bars are pretty much all the rage. You don’t need to stick to basic décor options for your lounge or bar. You can go all out and give your bar décor a hot and trending themed décor. A lot of bar owners opt for a sports theme or a theme that’s based on superheroes, or even a theme that is based on a movie. For instance, if you’re a great Harry Potter fan, your bar theme can be based on the Cauldron (the bar from the Harry Potter movie). Alternatively, if you’re a big fan of a particular football team, your bar theme can be based on your favorite team and so on.

Decorate The Walls With Art

Another effective way to decorate your bar or lounge is by decorating the walls with different kinds of art. You can put up beautiful paintings, photos frames with signed photos of celebrities who have visited your bar, tapestries and wall hangings and other such options. You can also get an entire wall hand painted by a professional artist with a humorous and comical mural. Adding artwork to the walls will liven up space and give it that unique charm.

Have Live Music In The Bar Or Lounge

Get a live band to perform at your bar or lounge. Get a professional singer to put up a show. Make sure that music is an essential part of the décor and ambiance in your bar or lounge. After a few drinks, your customers and clients will truly enjoy a live music session and will probably participate by singing in chorus with the band.

Place A Wooden Wine Cellar Against One Of The Walls

Having a fully stocked wooden wine cellar in your lounge can also add to the overall décor and ambiance. You can stock up the wine cellar with wines from different countries from across the globe. These exotic wine bottles will make excellent conversation starters for your customers.

Set A Space Aside For A Dance Floor

Most people love to shake a leg after they have had a few drinks. Setting aside some space for a dance floor and lighting up that area with blinking disco lights will truly add to the ambiance and décor of your bar or lounge. You can also hang a shiny disco ball from the ceiling above the dance floor to give the space that 70’s vibe.

Owning a successful and popular bar or lounge can be great fun and an excellent business option. You can spruce up the décor of your bar or lounge by following the tips and suggestions that we have provided. A bar with a fun and happening ambiance will attract great business and will prove to be very profitable to the owner. We guarantee that your guests and customers will be thoroughly impressed with the décor and ambiance of your bar if you follow the tips and suggestions that we have compiled for you.

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