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A Comprehensive List Of Everything You Need To Do Weeks Before Moving


A Comprehensive List Of Everything You Need To Do Weeks Before Moving


With all the packing, organizing and other things that are going into planning for relocation (moving house), it is understandable why moving house can be stressing. However, it is possible to avoid and overcome the various challenges of moving if you plan accordingly, and a checklist is an ideal way of ensuring that nothing goes amiss.


The idea is to have a list of what you need to do before and during relocation to make the transition smooth and less complicated. The best thing is to do breakdown what you have to do by organizing them into weeks so that you can make what you need to do to seem like less of a chore. Given this, below is a comprehensive list of everything you need to do before moving; assuming that you have set a date for moving.


6 Weeks To Go:        Research The Movers

  •    Checkout out the Better Business Bureau to see which of the top, reputable moving companies are worth approaching for their services. At the same time, get recommendations from family and
    friends who have recently enlisted the services of local movers.


  •    While at it, research on your rights and responsibilities as you plan to hire the professional movers.


  •    Take into consideration issues related to insurance coverage for the move and ask the movers about the same. Check their policy as you also review your homeowner’s insurance.


  •    Source service terms and price quotes from at least three reputable and licensed movers. You can as well consider having an estimator visit your home to do an inventory and give you an estimate of the financial set back you will face from the move.


  •    Get to know all you can about the new area you are relocating to, its education, health, entertainment, and financial institutions as you start preparing the necessary paperwork required for setting up new accounts and address.


5 Weeks To Go:        Being Sorting And Packing

  •    Check with the mover to confirm if they will supply packing materials so that you can know if you are to buy the supplies including boxes, cutters, tape, and labels. Remember to include specialty materials such as mattress bags and boxes for the dishes.


  •    Have a labeling system in place that can be based on numbers, color-coding, or both that will be based on a master inventory.


  •    Start packing, begin with assessing your wardrobes and closets so that you pick out what you will take with you and the clothes that no longer fit or not what you love to wear.


  •    Remember to leave a few clothes that you will wear for the remaining week leading to the due date for moving. Go from room to room as you sort out that is unwanted from what you will carry.


  •    To reduce the hassle if you have kids, start by sorting and packing their staff, picking and packing what they rarely use and storing the boxes in the garage, basement or attic.


  •    You can opt to donate the things you do not need to charity or sell them to raise money that you will use to boost your budget for relocating.


4 Weeks To Go:        Clear Stored Food

  •    Make sure that you are keen on using up the food you have in your pantry, shelves, and refrigerator. At the same time, avoid buying groceries and other foodstuffs in bulk.


  •    Let your family and friends know of the planned relocation with the intent of letting them know the date and if they can offer extra helping hands on the due date.


  •    Notify the relevant authorities that you are moving (the water, gas, electricity companies) so that they can take the necessary steps about closing or transferring your account, depending on how far you are relocating.


3 Weeks To Go:        Review Planned Changes

  •    Review the paperwork with the moving company you chose so that you ensure all in place include proper insurance, and you inquire about the transportation modalities.


  •    Check with the Post office as well as the water, gas, and electricity companies to confirm that they are handling matters pertaining to your planned move so that you avoid any late inconveniences.


2 Weeks To Go:        On The Last Lap

  •    Packing should be ongoing. Your efforts should be boxing more and more things as the days come to a close.


  •    Check and confirm the status of the US mailing change of address as well as the moving insurance. While at it, get in touch with the owners of the new place to ensure that all the relevant tenancy documentation and warranties are in order.


  •    Unplug any major appliances such as the freezer, refrigerator, washing machine and dry and clean them and box those that you can.


  •    Check with the kids to ensure that they have packed their stuff and know which boxes contain their favorite items and help them to label the boxes. While at it, make sure there is a designated container for medications.


  •    Assess your finances to ensure that you have enough cash or your credit card is in order so that you can meet any unexpected expenses.


1 Week To Go:        Final Review

  •    You may have more items that you will not be taking with you which you found as you do the last of the packing. Make the necessary plans to sell or donate them to charity. While at it, buddle and dispose of all rubbish and other items such as unused paint or chemicals accordingly. Sort the packed boxes and recheck your inventory to ensure all the labeling is done correctly.


  •    Check in with the movers for the last time and get confirmation about their readiness for the scheduled plan; ensure everyone is on the same page. Get the number of the contact person of the team that will be set to help you with the move, and make sure they confirm their arrival time.


On The D-Day

  •    Turn off the utilities on the morning of the moving day as you also ensure that the same services at the new place you are headed are turned on a day before your arrival.


  •    Consider hiring professional cleaners to come in and spruce up the place after you have left. You can schedule this to be done the day after your departure. Remember to return and confirm the place is spotless. Alternatively, you can opt to come back and clean up the place yourself.

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