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A Very Vintage Bathroom

Vintage can look fantastic in any room. In fact, to ensure this image suits your space, you should incorporate it throughout. Most of us jump to this style in our bedrooms or living rooms without  thinking about other areas. But, if you really want to integrate this theme, you should consider making use of it everywhere. That means tackling everything from your hallway, to your bathroom.

But, how do you get a vintage style in your bathroom? In truth, this is no more difficult to get right than those other spaces you’ve been working on. Too often, we neglect our bathrooms to neutral styles. But, it’s possible to let loose with the vintage style here. All you need to do is consider the following.

Wallpaper those walls

First, consider your decor. Traditionally, vintage bathrooms include decorated wallpapers. These could have flowers or pretty designs. That’s up to you. But, having at least one wallpapered wall will instantly achieve vintage impact. Of course, wallpapering in the bathroom isn’t without issues. You’ll need to think about getting rid of mold before you get started. There’s no avoiding damp patches in a room like this, but wallpapering over the top could do real damage. Not only will this allow those mold spores to grow, but it could also damage your wallpaper. It won’t be long until damp patches start to show.

Even once you’ve taken care of the walls, think carefully about where you place that wallpaper. You may want to go all out across every wall, but that may not be very practical. Around your bath and shower area, wallpaper won’t last long. Either settle for a wallpapered wall or install tiling which can protect in damper areas.

Get grand with your appliances

When we think of vintage bathrooms, many of us have an idea of rich and decadent appliances. We’re talking large vanity sink cabinets and claw-footed bathtubs. There’s just something about them which screams of the vintage style. Which is why you need to think about incorporating these into your space. A claw-footed bath should be a standard, that’s for sure. If you don’t fancy a big vanity sink, settle instead for a basic design with some decorative flourishes. Pink piping, for instance, is sure to add that touch of class you’re after.



The small touches

And, of course, as with any vintage decor, small touches bring this image together. Mirrors are a big selling point here.You could either pick these up at a vintage market, or buy modern replicas. Either way, a grand, framed mirror is sure to look the part. Equally, smaller additions, such as wash jugs with towels folded inside are sure to look amazing. This is a throwback to a time when running water wasn’t easy to come by. Though you no longer have a use for jugs like these, they’re sure to look fantastic. It’s also worth stocking up on towels with floral designs embroidered on them. This delicate addition is the ideal vintage gem.


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