Advantages of Quality Custom Drink Coasters

We all like to drink something. Whether it is water or alcohol, we humans have a tendency to drink as often as we can. Not to mention that we need water to survive. Let’s say that you’re having guests over. Surely you would offer them something to drink. If you value your furniture, then you would kindly ask them to use coasters. If someone wants to drink cold beer, then placing a glass directly on the wooden table would leave a ring. The condensation from the cold brew would reflect on the glass, and water will start dripping on the wood surface. Click on the link for more information

This is what you should avoid at all cost. Before you know it you’re left with hundred rings on the table when there could’ve been none. Of course, not everyone minds this. Some people don’t care whether you use a coaster or not. But if you own, let’s say antique furniture that has been preserved for a long time, it’s best to keep it that way and not ruin it with water rings. If you’re anything like Monica from “Friends,” then you know how important it is to use coasters before placing drinks on the furniture. Besides, using a coaster has its own benefits. Here are some of them:

Protecting the furniture

As mentioned above, if you care about your wooden items, then don’t put drinks directly on them. Condensation from a lot of cold drinks can cause the water to slowly crawl from the top of the glass towards the bottom. By repeating the process, you will inevitably end up with a nasty ring that you won’t be able to get rid of later. Before you know it, the wooden table is ruined. Click here.

Moreover, coasters don’t just protect the surface from water; they also protect it from very hot drinks like tea or coffee. You have no idea how easy it is to burn the surface of the table. If you don’t want that to happen, then it is advisable that you buy quality coasters to avoid inconveniences like that. Pubs usually have beermats spread everywhere they can because a lot of people come in and order cold beers. They don’t just protect the surface, but also absorb the condensation water that drips from the glass. Also, it is essential that they have a beautiful interior that is not ruined by water rings.  

Keeps the host happy

Let’s say that you’re invited to some kind of dinner party and you order what to drink from the host. If you notice that their furniture is intact, then it is best to ask for a coaster not to ruin it. Some hosts will kindly ask their guests to use them because they don’t want to ruin their wooden surfaces. It is best to honor your host’s wishes because after all, this is what behaved people act like. You don’t want to risk getting into an argument with the host and make everyone uncomfortable at the party.

Also, drink coasters could prevent something from spilling directly on the surface. If a few drops spill on the coaster, then the wooden surface would be intact. Also, to avoid such inconveniences at your home, make sure that you have already placed them on the table so people can put their drinks.  

They are convenient

Coasters are usually quite small and don’t take much space if you place them in drawers or cupboards. You can buy several of them and still they wouldn’t take much space. Also, if something spills on them, you can easily wash them with water and dry them up with a towel. Before you know it, you can easily use them again for other parties and guests. Also, they are not expensive as well. Everyone can basically afford them.

Moreover, there are a lot of different shapes and sizes to choose from. You can pick ones that much your living room setting. There are gorgeous designs that will simply awe you. Something that small can cause a lot of admiration from people. But don’t buy them just for the appearance. Make sure that they are practical and durable as well. Quality coasters can protect the surface from all kinds of drinks.

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  • Tammie Houston

    It’s great that you mentioned that coasters are a good way to protect things like wooden furniture from moisture that could end up damaging it. My brother recently moved in with his wife and since they have quite a few antique furniture in their home I thought it’d be best to gift him some coasters to protect them. I wasn’t sure if they were good enough to protect them from any damage, but I’m glad that your article reassured me that they are. I’ll be sure to look for some nice cork coaster sets that could fit their home’s aesthetic to gift them.

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