Affordable Easter Basket Ideas from Mr. Bubble


Affordable Easter Basket Ideas from Mr. Bubble

We received the Mr Bubble products in exchange for an honest review. The thoughts contained within this post are ours and may vary from the thoughts of others.


Mr. Bubble is such a classic brand that I grew up with and I love that my kids can experience the fun of it while not breaking the bank, especially around holidays. Everything pictured was $1 per piece including the Bubble Bath and the Bath Crackles.

Making holidays more affordable for parents is something that I strive for. Knowing that locally we have several dollar stores including Dollar General, Family Dollar and even Dollar Tree makes holiday prep so much easier. Obviously the Mr. Bubble products were sent to us by the company itself, but each holds a price tag of a mere dollar.

Basket, grass, stuffed bunny and eggs all came from Dollar Tree and I felt they all coordinated well for an adorable and fun Easter treat for anyone. This basket with all contents retails for $8 plus local taxes.


So here I am thinking who would love to get a basket just like this and several people come to mind. My kids obviously would love to wake up to this basket on Easter morning (and it makes this mama happy because these are no-calorie options) but also this would be great as daycare Easter gifts as well as special friends of just about any age. The thing about Mr. Bubble is that it is a timeless brand of more than 50 years. They even have products for adults, so you could do an adult theme basket.


If you are looking for kid-friendly Easter ideas keep an eye out on Product Review Cafe for more fun ideas in the coming weeks!

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