Amazing Places to See Known for Optical Illusions

Amazing Places to See Known for Optical Illusions


Optical illusions are a fascinating concept that has to do with our own visual perception and manages to “deceive” our brain with various combinations of colours, light and patterns. All this misinterpretation of our brain in front of a scene that plays games with our own senses seems exciting and is definitely something that excites us. Various destinations around the world offer us this “magic” of an optical illusion, waiting for us to discover them and live up close to this visual experience that you certainly can not describe in words. What are these places, you wonder? Keep reading, and you will discover them!


Magnetic Hill, India

Have you ever taken yourself on a path that defies the law of gravity? We thought so. Due to the geomorphology and layout of the area, this highway creates the visual illusion of an uphill road, which is actually downhill. So imagine driving your vehicle on this road, without having your foot on the accelerator and comfortably crossing the uphill that stretches in front of you. Pretty impressive, eh?


Apache Head, France

You may very well wonder how Native Americans found themselves in France. The famous Apache Head located in the Ebihens region of France is definitely something unique. Looking at the rock formation, you can easily see the head of an Indian who thoughtfully observes the French countryside, as if one would say that it comes in perfect harmony with nature and its magic.


Aurora Borealis, Alaska & Northern Canada

The spectacular phenomenon of Aurora Borealis is not a product of our imagination and dreams. Still, it is a real phenomenon that is observed in the upper layers of the atmosphere and is visible mainly at the poles and in areas such as Alaska and Northern Canada. These “auras” that are created in the atmosphere also appear in the atmosphere of other planets in our solar system. They are definitely a unique experience that few people in the world manage to experience.


Namib-Naukluft National Park, Southern Africa

In the national park in western Namibia, in the appealing country of South Africa, you will encounter another visual illusion for which nature is responsible. Due to the dry climate and the extent of the desert that occupies a large part of it, the bare trees of the area, combined with the bright sunlight, create a “natural” work of modern art. It is no exaggeration to say that nature, in this case, proves to be the greatest artist. We therefore unreservedly suggest that you visit this part of South Africa and see with your own eyes a work of art that comes to life before your eyes.


All the above optical illusions manage to arouse our admiration. If one observes more carefully, one will discover that everything that happens in front of our eyes and seems unbelievable is due to our visual system’s operation and that our brain processes the information that enters it to perceive the world around it. The fact that an optical illusion manages to “deceive” you is not due to your vision’s low functioning. Your vision is one of our most precious senses, and that is why you should always take care of it. 

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