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Are Banks the Only Place to Turn to for Your Check Supply?

Businesses need to constantly make payments to vendors. These payments need to be made using checks on a regular basis. When opening a business account, your bank might give you a one-time free set of checks. Some banks do not even offer any free checks. Most businesses order business checks online instead of relying on their banks.

Here are some reasons why you should turn to online check printing services.

Ease of Access

Every time you need to order more checks going down to the bank takes time and effort. No matter what your purpose, when in a bank you have to spend time waiting.

All the wait time is avoided by ordering checks online.

You need to spend a bit of time trying to find the right website to order from since there are so many of them. Once you have narrowed down on the website to order from, the process of ordering checks online takes a few clicks and a few typed words. Some websites even offer the option of saving your details for easy reordering. So, the whole process of ordering a check online is far more efficient than going to a bank for it.

Lower Prices

Some banks do not issue more than a single set of checks for a specified period of time. The banks that do let you buy checks price them exorbitantly. You might have to dish out more than $20 for 100-120 checks. This can easily set your business back by a lot of money. When you choose to buy checks online you need to pay almost half of what you need to fork out at banks.

Customization Options

When ordering checks at banks you need to walk away with whatever they hand you. Ordering checks online allow you to customise your checks. From the patterns to the colours you can customise the check to your exact likings. Customisation makes ordering checks online interesting without costing you anything extra.


There are many different kinds of checks that you might need. You can find personal checks, manual business checks and QuickBooks checks on the same website. No matter what kind of check you need you can find them and order them from any of the custom check printing websites.

Your banks may not offer all the types of checks that you need. QuickBooks checks are usually not supplied by banks. Hence you need to turn to online sources for your QuickBooks checks.

Speedy Delivery

The ease with which you can get your checks delivered makes online ordering a preferred choice. There are some websites that offer one-day delivery. You do not need to keep your vendors waiting for their payments. Count on the websites for snappy deliveries.

Additional Accessories

Apart from checks, you need to have endorsement stamps and customised envelopes to hand checks to vendors. From a bank, you will need to find a business that can supply you with customised stamps. With the stamp ordered you need to order envelopes with your company’s details on it.

You can avoid going to 3 different places by choosing to order checks online. Many of the check printing websites supply printed envelopes and customised stamps as well.

Go online for all your check needs instead of wasting time and money at banks.


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