Are Foldable Phones Really the Next Big Thing?
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Are Foldable Phones Really the Next Big Thing?

It seems like there’s a big push toward foldable phones if you pay attention to commercials or online ads right now. Samsung has been displaying its new folding smartphones, and even Google is trying to promote its Google Pixel Fold. Foldable phones just seem like a ridiculous gimmick to some, but many said the same thing when the first smartphones came out. It’s normal to wonder if foldable phones really are the next big thing.

Why Are Companies Pushing Foldable Phones?

One of the most common questions people have is, “Who asked for this?” whenever new technology starts coming out. Why are companies trying so hard to push the idea of foldable phones? Many companies want to constantly innovate and see this feature as the next evolution in smartphone technology. While the foldable phone may not have practical applications for everybody, companies push it so hard because trying to make the idea appeal to a wider audience is an important factor in their advertising.

Advantages of the Foldable Phone

It helps to look at some of the distinct advantages that these phones offer consumers to determine if foldable phones really are the next big thing. One of the most obvious examples is that they provide more space. Certain models of foldable phones are the size of a normal phone when folded and become a larger, tablet-like screen when unfolded. Others are the size of a normal phone when unfolded and create a smaller square shape when shut, so they fit more easily into pockets or small bags.

Foldable phones may also be more durable, as fragility is one of the most common complaints about cell phones. The folded shape may also benefit those who have a harder time holding onto their phones, as the new shape protects the screen in the event of accidental dropping.

Where Foldable Phones Need To Improve

Because the technology is so new, it needs to improve in many ways before these devices reach mainstream audiences. Much like the introduction of smartphones back in the late 2000s, accessibility and affordability are two big components. The more companies improve upon the technology, the more easily they can produce it, which will make it more affordable to common consumers. Advertising and promoting foldable phones by focusing on their practical features can help win audiences over sooner rather than later.

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