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Are Solar Panels a Fit For Your Home?

Are Solar Panels a Fit For Your Home?


It is always best to think first before purchasing something. This is more important when we talk about major investments that involve a huge amount of money like buying and installing solar panels. We already heard the advantages of solar panels but you may consider these matters to see if it is perfect for your home.


Period Of Residency

Solar panels are considered an investment since it can surely reduce your electric bills but the solar panel itself plus the installation fee is costly. It will take 5-6 years before the investment will pay off completely. So if you do not plan to live in your house for good, solar panels may not be for you. Instead, just start planning on how to save energy by decreasing your electric consumption using LED lights or appliances with power-saving features.


Energy Load Of Your House

The amount of energy that the house needs will depend on how many people live in the house and what electric appliances or devices that you are using. It is important to consider these things to determine how many solar panels can supply the entire house.


Type Of Roof

The roof construction should also be considered when installing solar panels. Some roofs can make installation difficult and challenging. The age of your roof and what is it made of can also have an impact on the installation. Just as we mentioned earlier, solar panels are meant to last so if your roof is older, it may be best to fully replace it with a new and durable one. Replacing it later after you install the solar panels will further increase your expenses since you have to remove and reinstall them. Roof materials such as asphalt shingles or corrugated metal rare suitable for solar panels.


The Location Of Your House

Your house’s location concerning the amount of sun it receives will determine how much solar energy you can produce. Put this into consideration to know whether solar panels are fit for you. Though solar panels can still produce power on gloomy days, it will still work best when it receives more direct sunlight. In the case of cloudy days, tesla powerwall installer on Maui can help store energy to maintain the productivity of your solar panels.


Length Of Project

Considering the length of the project is important, especially when you have a hectic schedule since you have to spare some or most of your time when the installation begins. It can take days or months depending on how big the project will be.


Secure Permits

Make sure that you have proper permits before the solar panel installation. You do not want to be fined for not following the rules and be asked to temporarily stop the project. To make it hassle-free, comply with the regulations in your community.


Select A Credible Company

Always look for a solar company that has insurance and licenses. There are numerous solar installers out there with well-trained and experienced staff. Your installer should be an expert when it comes to installing solar energy systems. Make sure your installer has a stable solar track record. Your solar provider should be able to explain and show you systems installed for previous clients. Check the company’s information online together with the comments and feedbacks of their customers.


Think about these matters first before deciding whether you are purchasing solar panels or not. By doing this, you will be able to determine if solar panels are fit for your home.

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