Are Your Kids as Active as They Should Be?

When you’re a parent, you’re always going to be questioning your little ones’ wellbeing. You want the best for them and you’ll do the utmost to ensure you’re providing them with absolutely everything that they need. Now, kids need a little to live a full and happy life. But one area more parents should probably focus on is activity and fitness. Kids need to get sufficient exercise to stave off health problems and ensure they are in the best shape possible.

But are your kids as active as they should be? Nowadays, more and more kids are getting involved in sedentary activities. They want to sit behind computer screens, play computer games and watch more cartoons on the television. Heading outside to play isn’t the only activity available to them anymore.

The good news is that your kids may well be active, but just not in the traditional ways we’re used to. The infographic by Cisco Uniform Manufacturers below shows that many kids are now opting for different types of sports than they may have in the past. While engagement with traditional sports like football and soccer may well be on the decline, we’re seeing increased participation in sports like lacrosse, activities like gymnastics, and competitive fitness like track and field!

If you feel that your kids need to be a little more active, why not try suggesting a few alternative sports that they might want to give a go. Any movement and activity is positive, so show them the wide array of options available to them!

Infographic Design By Cisco Athletic

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