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Art Journals; A New Way to Document Life



Art Journals; A New Way to Document Life

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2019 like each upcoming new year is filled with promise. The New Year brings thoughts of things we want to do differently, things we want to learn and how we want to grow as a family. I have always loved this time of year because it is filled with making new memories, deciding things we would like to do in the coming year and of course dreams, hopes and wishes.

Art Journals have become so popular and we love the idea a lot! I have always loved journaling and keeping up with things that happen throughout the years. One thing I have enjoyed most about social media are the “memories” features that show us things we did on this day however many years ago. Social media is a great journal, but something about putting pen to paper still means a lot to me. These are not only helpful for me but also leave a legacy of our family for our boys.

Ellie Claire has given us the opportunity to review some amazing journals and I want to share with each of you some information about each of the three.

One common theme for these art journals is a highly spiritual feel. This honestly makes me love them even more. I can study The Word while also learning some great art techniques and jotting down my thoughts.

Faith & Lettering

Faith & Lettering is an amazing book that not only teaches lettering but as shown above some great additions to writing. Hand lettering has become so popular with Bible study these days and I think it is beautiful. I personally have a journaling Bible and love it but never really knew how to create the beautiful artwork in the columns but now I have a basis to begin. I feel that while learning these lettering techniques you can also focus on The Word more as well.

The artwork inside this book is amazing and so colorful. It gives me inspiration that even I can learn these beautiful techniques and be able to “letter for the Lord” better.

This book is a nice hard cover and includes a spot for a pen or pencil as well. The paper is thick and durable and allows for using different mediums.

I know that this book will stand the test of time and be able to hold up even if I toss it in a bag to travel.

The Illustrated Word

The Illustrated Word is way more than just an average coloring book. Each page is an intricate work of art that I can color in while focusing on a verse as well. There is a sheet of lined paper on the opposite page to add in my thoughts, feelings, prayers, praises, etc.

This book is also a hardcover. While the paper is durable I feel that this one is best colored with colored pencils. Others may disagree but I like the way colored pencils feel on certain paper and it also gives me the ability to blend colors on the beautiful artwork.

Adult coloring is supposed to be relaxing and I find it to be very comforting. One of my favorite pages in this book says “Be still and know that I am God.” This verse is perfect for the book. Coloring, relaxing and being “still” from a very busy life is often just what the doctor ordered for myself and so many others.

Illuminate Your Story

Illuminate Your Story for me is more of a textbook style journal. This is teaching me to journal on such a larger scale. I love that it teaches me some really advanced lettering techniques like shown above. This is an amazing hardcover book.

I love that it not only features a place for an ink pen but also has the stretchy band to keep the book closed and keep pages safe from everyday damage. It also has a keepsake folder inside so that I can work on projects such as bookmarks and things and stick them in the back. This is also perfect to show the growth of my artwork and lettering as well. I intend to date them to keep track of my progress.

This journal includes so much practice space which I love. I can also use these techniques in other areas of life such as crafting, Bible journaling and even creating greeting cards to send to family and friends.


More Information:

These books have allowed me to take time out of my busy life to just sit and enjoy the little things. We often take for granted something as simple as a colored pencil or some gel pens and paper.


These books would make amazing Christmas gifts this year. Consider checking out our 2018 Holiday Gift Guide for many ideas of gifts and even stocking stuffers for anyone in your life.

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