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At Least Your Roof Is Unscathed. Isn’t It?

When severe weather hits, it can cause no end of stress. Everything becomes vulnerable, from your fences to your foundations. Hence why homeowners should always follow the weather and take precautions to keep things safe.

Sometimes, though, even keeping an eye on things isn’t enough. When the terrible weather hits, the best thing you can do is sit tight and pray the damage isn’t too extreme. And, often, your prayers will be granted. With a bit of luck, all you’ll have to deal with are fallen trees and the odd fence. Ultimately, anything is fixable as long as your roof comes through unscathed, right? You can rest easy repairing that bad boy would set you back far more than you want to spend.

The sad fact is, though, that roof damage isn’t always easy to spot straight away. After all, unless you get right up there, small issues could go unnoticed and lead to more serious ones. Of course, it isn’t always safe or practical to get up there on your own. Hence why you should contact a company like Elevated Roofing who can carry out a roof inspection to be absolutely sure. In the meantime, look out for these three signs your roof hasn’t survived as well as you first thought.

A point of light

Any homeowner should take time after a storm to look up at their attic roof without artificial light. If you’re faced with complete darkness every which way, you can be sure no tiles have fallen loose. That means you can rest pretty easy that you shouldn’t experience issues. However, spotting even a tiny bit of light is a sure sign all is not well, and that you should act fast to ensure this doesn’t cause issues. If you do spot something, it’s worth covering it with some spare wood until you can find a more permanent solution.


A little leak

Sadly, we don’t all notice that light before things go further. And, when that happens, it can soon lead to leaks. If you’ve been experiencing damp on your upper-floor ceilings, this could well be your issue. A hole in the roof won’t, after all, protect you from the elements. As such, rain comes right in whenever the heavens open. It’s rarely long before that starts to have some severe implications on your home life. If you think damp has gotten worse since a storm occurred, do the no-light test as soon as possible.

Invasion inside your attic

Another sure sign of issues is invasion. Pests in your attic are a sure sign that you have a roof breach. After all, animals can’t move through walls. They had to get in somewhere, and the opening they used could well give you even more trouble down the line. Naturally, you may be tempted to solve your pest issue first. But, until you find the hole they’re using, you’ll struggle to get on top of this. Instead, start with your roof. You can clear the invasion afterwards.


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