Back to School Delivered to Your Door with Peapod


Back to School Delivered to Your Door with Peapod

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Back to school time is well on its way and even us homeschoolers are looking for ways to get ahead of the game, especially for lunch time. When you have kids home for 3 meals per day things get boring really fast,  but thankfully for me both of our boys love Lunchables. The problem is though that often if you can’t catch a sale they can really rack up the grocery bill.

Being able to have groceries brought right to our door would save more time than anyone even knows. Finding time in our busy days to get to the store is often tricky. We have morning routines, afternoon routines, and of course evening and bedtime routines, but where in there is good ole mom supposed to get the errands done? Thankfully there are services like Peapod!  Having food brought to our door, especially the beloved Lunchables would make things super simple and really not disrupt anything.

Look at this amazing deal from Peapod (note to get this deal please put in your zip code)

Our boys love the pizza version with pepperoni the best. They feel like they are “cooking” their own lunch when making these, especially our riding first grader who is looking for more independence.

Best of all the 10 for $10 deal provided by Peapod makes things even better! The independence of being able to make their own lunches, knowing that there is a great amount of savings and the food is being brought to your door. All of this equals lunch simplified. But to get this deal you must use my link found here: #LunchablesAtPeapod  and enter your zip code.


Here is some additional information about Peapod:

Markets Where Peapod Grocery Delivery Service is Available:

  • Baltimore, MD
  • Boston-Manchester, MA-NH
  • Chicago, IL
  • Harrisburg-Lancaster-Lebanon-York, PA
  • Hartford & New Haven, CT
  • Indianapolis, IN
  • Milwaukee, WI
  • NY, NY
  • Philadelphia, PA
  • Providence-New Bedford, RI-MA
  • Springfield-Holyoke, MA
  • Washington, DC


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  1. Kelsey APley

    I wish we lived in an area that offered this. That sounds beyond amazing. My son is obsessed with lunchables these days!

  2. Cyndie

    Oh wow! This is a great deal onproducts I use. Peapod rocks!

  3. Gladys Parker

    What a great way to get multiple things accomplished. My grandchildren are not often thrilled with what I choose for lunch or snacks. However, my budget is not up to their parents’ and due to my eyesight I cannot drive to be choosy. Pea Pod solves all three issues for me.

  4. Anna Cockayne

    This is awesome! We don’t have that in our area, but that’s cool that someone does!

  5. Tabitha

    Ohhh this is awesome for back to school. Great idea for those busy days

  6. Patty

    Peapod is such a time saver at school time.

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