2018 Back to School Guide

Back to School Dental Health


Back to School Dental Health

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 In our area kids are heading back to school in the coming days. That means morning routines and also means that a lot of kids are having their dental exams as well.


 Dental Tips for Kids:


Obviously dental exams are high on the priority list for children. Dentists such as Karl Jobst dds Grove, OK may recommend fluoride treatments for children and also sealants to protect teeth from cavities. Proper dental care as a young child can prevent loss of time from work for parents but also loss of critical education time for school aged children.


Regular brushing and flossing is imperative for children. Changing the toothbrush every 3 months or more often if strep throat has been present in your home is a great oral care routine. Toothpaste with fluoride is helpful for kids, too.


Packing healthy lunches that are well balanced and without a lot of sugar helps with making not only great food choices but also helps to protect the teeth. Also try to avoid soft drinks.

When participating in sports and P.E. a properly fitted mouthguard is especially important. Protecting the teeth and mouth from injury can keep kids free of serious injury, often resulting in oral surgery.


The American Dental Association offers so many great tips for oral care in both children and adults as well.  


How Teachers Handle Oral Health


Adults often find themselves lacking the time for proper oral hygiene but brushing up on your dental regime is highly important. People often forget that the whole mouth needs to be cared for and not just the teeth. Mouth washes and tongue scrapers should be a part of your daily oral hygiene.  


While having a busy day and a lack of time to brush your teeth it is recommended to chew a sugar free gum between meals to keep your teeth sparkling clean.


Make sure to stay on top of dental appointments, too. It is very important to get your teeth professionally cleaned twice per year and to make sure that xrays and other preventative measures are taken to ensure that your teeth and mouth are both healthy. At my last dentist appointment they were even doing self checks for oral cancer which is something that everyone needs to know and I found it highly informative.


Another way to protect your teeth is to limit sugar and alcohol. While those coffees and fizzy drinks may taste delicious they are really not great for our teeth. Alcohol and other drinks often corrode the enamel on teeth that we need to protect them from cavities and other issues.


Taking care of our teeth is so important even from a very young age. I know that a lot of us wish we had taken better care of our teeth in our younger years, but personally I am thankful that mine have been corrected in a major way over the last few months. Do you have any oral hygiene tips to share? Be sure to leave them in the comments.

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