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Bathroom Condensation Causing You Problems? Here’s How To Avoid The Dreaded Mold

Keeping the bathroom clean and tidy can be quite an arduous task for any household. If you live with your partner, that’s two people using it every day. If you have a family, that could mean four or five different people are using the same bathroom every day. Aside from the obvious annoyance of having to wait to use the bathroom (who else experiences ‘the morning queue’?), a lot of people using the same bathroom can mean it gets dirty quite easily. One of the main issues comes from the bathroom being subjected to many different showers a day, leaving it almost constantly damp. As we all know, this can lead to mould – and it isn’t just showers that can lead to an excessively wet bathroom. There are a few different issues you may face that can lead to a damp and potentially moldy bathroom. Here are some things you can do to stop it.

Opening windows/installing a fan

One easy way to increase air circulation in your bathroom is to have a window that opens. A lot of bathrooms have previously been designed without windows for privacy reasons, but having one is a good way to ensure that yours stays fresh and airy. A natural light source can also do wonders for your bathroom, so consider getting one put in if you don’t have one already. If you can’t have a window installed, then you might want to consider an extractor fan. Although these are still recommended for people with a bathroom window, they are an absolute essential for those people who don’t have one at all. They help to control humidity, which in turn helps to stop the growth of mold and mildew on your bathroom surfaces.

Checking your roof

Most people have their main bathroom on the first floor of their home. So next time you notice a damp floor in the there, don’t just immediately assume it’s just leftover from your children’s bathtime. It could be that you have a leak that’s coming through your roof which is therefore dripping into your bathroom. This can render your bathroom unusable and can also present a serious threat of a sagging ceiling. For your and your family’s safety, it is best that you contact a professional who specialises in roof leak repair.

Protecting against mold

After a hot shower or bath, the air in a bathroom can get very humid. You will find that condensation gathers on your windows and mirrors – and even if you leave your fan running after you’ve showered, you may still have to deal with the aftermath of a humid bathroom. You may need to take extra measures to prevent your bathroom from getting damaged from a damp atmosphere. After a shower, make sure you (and your family) squeegee all the water from the tiles. This can immediately reduce the risk of you ending up with

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