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Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas

Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas

People normally don’t decorate their bathrooms simply because they don’t spend much of their time there. However, there has been an increase in design ideas for bathrooms to make the room be in sync with the rest of the room. Here are a few ideas that can help you achieve remarkable results if you are looking to decorate your bathroom.

Tasteful and elegant

Gray has been known to add an incredible amount of class to your room. It is no longer regarded as boring or dull, but instead, most clients are starting to look at it as stainless. One can paint one of the rooms with gray shade depending on your preferred pattern preferably on a dark wallpaper. One can add a few fixtures that are highly polished such as shiny jewels that will keep your guests talking.

Spicy opulence

For you to add class to your bathroom, gold is the perfect color and which is often used in most urban and contemporary housing design. One of the unique ways of achieving this is the Moroccan theme. Murale design can provide the gold-brown wallpaper as the ideal makeover for your bathroom. One can also choose not to go with typical gold-brown wallpaper but instead choose a solid brown. One may also choose to make the bathroom appear sassier by using a gold leaf as a pattern on the wallpaper to add a level of opulence to your bathroom. The goal behind this goal is to give your visitors Taj Mahal experience as they take their cold or hot shower.

Rustic charm

This interior design brings to life the rustic country experience. This can be achieved through the use of brown wooden planks. However, you can avoid making the bathroom boring and dull by applying the wallpaper to the bottom half of the house while the other half can be painted with a white or gray shade. One can also add a few wooden shelves to keep your bathing detergents and soaps.  Take a few vintage lanterns hanging around to give the room a campfire experience.

Oriental delight

This design goes with almost every trend or decorating fads. This is because it is characterized by a light and airy design. Add a few bamboo wall sconces and shelving. Bamboo is preferred because it is not dark in color and many accents can be used without necessarily overpowering the beauty of the makeover of the bathroom. One can also opt to use green in the chosen wallpaper to give a splash of color to the bathroom. One can achieve Asian inspired decorations by using cherry blossom branches.

Venetian bathhouse

This idea is used to introduce a sense of lavishness. This can be achieved by choosing a beautiful mural that has glass sconces to fuse with the lush colors from the tile. You can introduce a tile border in the middle of the wall to complement the dark patterns. Marble floors are a perfect finish to achieve this idea.

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