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Beat Bugs Color Wonder


Beat Bugs Color Wonder

I received the mentioned product from Beat Bugs in exchange for an honest review. The thoughts contained within this post are mine and may vary from the thoughts of others.


About Beat Bugs Color Wonder

Keep the Color Wonder fun going with 18 mess-free coloring pages of fun Beat Bugs art! Also includes 5 Color Wonder markers that won’t color on skin, furniture or fabric. Get yours today at Target for only $7.99!


What We Thought

I love coloring and thankfully so does Jack or I would look mighty strange running through stores looking for the newest and greatest coloring books and art supplies, well that was until the adult coloring revolution hit. I now enjoy buying coloring supplies without wondering who thinks I am a weirdo.

I love the Color Wonder product line and have made many posts about it in the past when Crayola sends us new things to try. This set is amazing and has 18 pages and 5 markers!!

Here is a page from the book. I love how there are mystery spots that you do not even know exist until you finish coloring (the dots for example). I love to leave Jack something fun to wake up to some days and this was the perfect way to try out the newest Color Wonder product that supports our fun loving Beat Bugs friends and give Jack a fun surprise.

I love how the colors are mess-free but they are also so vibrant. I also love that they aren’t runny and there is no real concern for a child getting dirty while using them which makes this set perfect for travel.

Being a part of the Beat Bugs Dream Team has allowed us to try so many fun products and this is just one of many. This one comes highly recommended on our 2017 Holiday Gift Guide as a fun gift for any age child, especially toddlers. Jack can color until his heart is content and I do not have to supervise him or have him feel like I am hovering due to concerns that marker is going to get all over our furniture or other surfaces.

This set came in handy while I was recently recovering from surgery (nothing major but I will discuss it in another post when I am completely well) because Jack could quietly entertain himself while I was resting while my husband was taking care of our now 8 month old.. yes 8 months old now… who can even believe it?!?!


Head to your nearest Target to check out this and many more amazing Beat Bugs products. Let us know in the comments your favorites!!


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