Beat Bugs on DVD

Beat Bugs on DVD

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We often can’t take Netflix with us, but now we can take our favorite friends on the go with these amazing Beat Bugs DVDs. Season 1 is divided into 3 volumes with these great DVDs and we have loved having them when we couldn’t really access Netflix. We have played them to wind down in the evenings, on the go and also shared with our friends who do not have Netflix service.

For $9.99 each these are worth their weight in gold. I have put them on for the boys to get some household chores done and even at now quite 9 months old our little one even enjoys these. Jack (4 1/2) is obsessed. We have lots of Beat Bugs products since we are on the Beat Bugs Dream Team and he enjoys every single one of them and having the toys along with the shows makes this even more “real” to him. These characters are a huge part of his life and it shows in everything he does.

While our house is full of the amazing music and nostalgia of The Beatles, I can take pride in knowing that our boys are getting wholesome television with no worries of inappropriate behavior or lyrics. I love that the Beat Bugs series offers great life lessons, they are fun, colorful and so entertaining for even the adults in our house. I fully admit that before letting either of the kids see these shows I watched some myself. I am just naturally that type of parent that wants to know what they are watching. Unlike a lot of other kids shows I really enjoy this one and find myself singing along with Jack through most of the episodes.

If you are looking for a great DVD series for any child this is the one. Check them out on Amazon:

Beat Bugs on DVD– Season 1 Volume 1 

Beat Bugs on DVD– Season 1 Volume 2

Beat Bugs on DVD– Season 1 Volume 3

These make perfect Christmas gifts, especially when given as the whole season and we are adding this to our 2017 Holiday Gift Guide. Comment below and let us know who your favorite Beat Bugs character is!

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