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Beauty Tips to Stay Hydrated While Traveling

Beauty Tips to Stay Hydrated While Traveling


Humans are made up of almost 60% water. Keep this percentage in mind, and you will understand why it is so important to keep our body moisture at the right levels. How many times have you heard that you have to consume a lot of water during the day? Body hydration is perhaps the topmost health factor, along with proper nutrition.


But in the same way that you take care of your internal hydration, by constantly drinking fluids and water, you must also take care of your skin’s external hydration. Well-hydrated skin is – and shows – healthier, more elastic, more resistant to danger. Unfortunately, water alone is not enough, especially during a trip where you are always on the move and do not find the right time to hydrate properly. Fortunately for you, today, we offer you some valuable info to stay hydrated and healthy with the following beauty and wellness tips:


Personalize your water consumption

There is a general rule that eight glasses of water a day is the right amount of water for a person to consume. But the truth is that other factors shape the amount of water that one should consume during the day. These factors are the outside temperature but also the overall weight of the person. So if, for example, you visit a country with a high temperature during your trip, you will definitely consume more water than you would typically get used to every day. There is a difference in consumption between the two sexes, where women have been observed to consume an average of 1.7 litres of water while men respectively 3.7 litres.


Consume water at room temperature

During your trip, make sure you consume water that is at room temperature. Yes, a glass of ice water may seem ideal on a hot day at the beach, but in reality, your body spends a lot more energy consuming it, so you can not fully hydrate by drinking it. Did you also know that ice water inhibits digestion and slows down hydration? Who would have expected that?


Drink water the moment you wake up

Starting your day with proper hydration is ideal. During sleep, it happens that several times a sufficient amount of water is absorbed by our body, resulting in waking up in the morning with a feeling of dehydration and weakness. So the first thing you should do after waking up before you even check your cell phone is drink a glass of cool water. It may sound simple, but this glass of water can give you the energy and vitality you need for the rest of the day. Especially if you have improved the water quality back at home.


Prefer foods loaded in water

In addition to water, several foods are high in water too. There are foods such as vegetables and fruits, which in addition to all the nutrients and vitamins they offer, have a reasonably high water content, keeping us hydrated throughout the day. So make sure you incorporate this type of food into your diet to stay healthy and glowing throughout your travels. When eating healthy and nutritious foods, you can also add various nutritional supplements, which can help you improve your overall hydration and nutrition, instantly and effectively. 

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