Being an Influencer: My Story


Being an Influencer: My Story

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Being an influencer is something that I have done for nearly 8 years. I found this position to be something I can do from home, I am my own boss (for the most part) and I get to make my own hours. Blogging is tough work though. It involves many nights where I am awake working on the blog which you guys know to be called Product Review Cafe well after my boys and husband are in bed. I am usually answering emails from the moment my eyes open in the mornings until they should be closed.


I find that I look for motivation from other influencers and find it with people such as Nancy Behrman. The internet is full of influencer theories, but Behrman on communications makes some great points and motivates me when I am having a tough time getting myself in gear to blog.


Having amazing contributors on the blog helps me a ton as well. I find that when I am running low on products or if I am struggling I know that they love reviewing products and that I need to get more things in house for them to pick from. This makes me push even harder.


I love reading things like a day in the life of an influencer to know that I am not alone and often seek support in Facebook groups of people who are doing the same thing I am; just trying to get by.


Being an influencer is something I would not trade for the world even on the worst days when things are going haywire because simply this is the life I love. I enjoy being with my boys, love the relationships I build nearly daily and love that I can bring in some extra money especially around the holidays for my family.


If I wasn’t an influencer I am not sure what I would be doing. I freelance write as well, but also have a criminal justice degree so my options would be open but my life would be controlled by someone else and at this point that is just not something I want. The flexibility with my kids is something that I absolutely treasure and they love that they get some “blog perks” too.


Want to become an influencer? Feel free to comment and let me know what you are looking to do. There is a wealth of knowledge on the internet for people who want to get started influencing. As with anything it isn’t for everyone, but so many people have made this a lucrative career and have had a very successful life because of it. I would love to help direct others onto the correct path to follow for being an influencer and also teach the right and wrong way to influence including the legalities of this position.


I look forward to seeing the comments of others on this post, so feel free to open conversation and also reach out by email if you would like (or on any of our social media channels) if you have questions. I am also open for interview if someone is looking to write any papers for school about influencing.

Samantha hails from Virginia and is a proud wife to a retired Deputy Sheriff and mother to two amazing little boys named Jack & William. A veteran product reviewer; Samantha has been reviewing products for 8 years and offers high quality product reviews with original photography.

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